LEAD Story 363

The key leaders of LEAD met again on 2021 June 16 for the bi-monthly District Council meeting. First on the agenda was the official welcoming of the new LEAD Mission Council (LMC) chair, Ms. Coreen Paul. Then, there was a round of COVID-19 updates per sector before moving on.

One of the main points discussed was the Superior General’s 2020 December 08 letter to the Brothers. The DC members were requested to reflect on the following questions:

  1. What I have learned since my original contribution to the Mission Moving Forward Plan?
  2. What are we seeing that is different? Are we seeing a break with some of the old ways of doing things
  3. What needs to be done now and with whom do we want to stand?
  4. How are we calling forth the gifts and talents of our Brothers, Lasallians, and communities?
  5. What would we like to see emerge from this pandemic? What opportunities does the pandemic present?

Reflections from a period of months were collated and presented. Included in the report were action plans which specific point persons were tasked to work on.

Ms. Coreen also presented the LMC chair’s report which included the LMC chairmanship, constitution/charter, sector mission councils, LMC projects - LEAD Minds, LEAD Women, LEAD Alumni, and LIVE LEAD Reunion, and other collaborations. The Council praised all the LMC efforts and she was assured of the full support coming from the district and the leadership team.

Six principals of our 8 Lasallian schools in Singapore attended 2 mornings of an online retreat with 4 input sessions facilitated by Bros Antonio Cubillas, Collin Wee, Paul Ho and Nicholas Seet. The first day enabled the principals to share about their growing up years and those who influenced them in their faith journey as the session comprised the childhood and family of La Salle as well as the challenges that they faced as school leaders as they reflected on the Founder’s challenges. For the second day, Br Paul Ho led the school leaders in a reflective session which covered the concept of Fraternity while Br Antonio shared recent Institute documents as well as the Lasallian Declaration of the Lasallian Educational Mission. Each session had a 30-minute input, followed by 30 minutes of individual reflections and another 30 minutes of sharing among the principals. It was an enriching time for them as the sharing enabled them to listen to each other and to bond. The phrase “Make Collaboration Common” pervaded the discussions. The retreat ended with the principals giving their suggestions as to the Graces/Fruits of the Retreat and as they dreamed of what they could do together and by association. They suggested meeting in a month’s time for a meal and discussion for plans to work together as Lasallian principals and make plans for 2022. (Text & Photos: Br. Nicholas Seet FSC)


With the theme on Fratelli Tutti, the 10 Singapore Brothers were on a retreat facilitated by Bro Dominic Yeo-Koh, the Provincial of the Brothers of St Gabriel for four mornings. The day would begin with a short prayer and a hymn online and the sharing of the previous day’s input as to what touched us from the document “Fratelli Tutti.” Each day covered two chapters of the document. Bro Dominic was able to share his personal experiences of brotherhood and his ministry when he was in India, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea and Philippines and related it to the document’s message. In this way, it was not only a dry read through of the content of the document. The Brothers spent the morning in silence and the lunch in silence too so as to be able to reflect more on the inputs received in the morning. The sharing among the Brothers would take place during the session of the next day. (Text & Photos: Br. Nicholas Seet FSC)

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JAPAN - Eleven years ago, Taio Kanai applied to our school as a local fifteen-year-student. After passing the entrance examination, he became a member of the 52nd batch of students. For three years he commuted from his house in Hakodate to our school. He was a very quiet student but, even as a teenager and now as an adult, his face always shines when he runs! As a Lasallian, he continued to run in his track and field club. Taio represented our school and won the city and the prefecture tournaments for three consecutive years. This enabled him to be at the national inter-high school tournaments. When he was a university student of dentistry, he also took part in several competitions.

In 2019 he broke the Japanese 110 meters hurdles record and that event put him in the list of top candidates to become an Olympian for 2020. But as we know, COVID-19 reset the international event to this summer. To get one of the three allocated slots for Japan he had to be in several previous tournaments. In the confirmation tournament last month, he came second. The tournament before that, he came first. The school naturally rejoices on this first experience of one of our graduates. A placard honoring Taio for his achievement stands now near the main entrance of our school.

His father is also a dentist in the city. I have been on the phone with him several times. I can feel he is extremely happy to see his son as a public figure. He is telling me that unfortunately he could not get the tickets to be present at his son’s worldwide competition. To buy Olympic tickets, you must have to go through a lottery system.

Our school as an academic oriented institution has never produced any professional player in any sport. Recently only a couple of our graduates have reached the semi-professional level in rugby clubs. For Taio, most probably he will pursue his career as a dentist and one day in the future will take over his father’s clinic.

Kanai (金井), his family name, can be translated as “golden well”. The sound of his name Taio (大旺) is similar to the word for “sun” but looking at the characters it means “big flourish”. His parents must be feeling fully satisfied as they chose such a name for their son. Look for Taio Kanai when you watch the 110 meter hurdles race in the Olympics! (Text: Br. Fermin Martinez FSC; Photos: Br. Fermin Martinez FSC, La Salle Japan Facebook Page)


The Brother Visitor of the Lasallian East Asia District (LEAD) appoints Ms. Fritzie Ian de Vera as member of the LEAD Mission Council for a period of two (2) years from 2021 June 22 to 2023 May 14.


Hi Fellow Lasallians!

The De La Salle Brothers are preparing for another year of online engagement this school year 2021-2022! We'd like to ask for your participation as we organize our activities online by shooting some questions our way!

After gathering all your questions, we would be selecting the most interesting ones and we will be creating content for you through various digital platforms! (who knows, we might even invite you to one of our programs!)

We’ll be launching all programs soon, but for now keep those questions coming!

Thank you very much!


Vocations Ministry Office
De La Salle Brothers Philippines
Lasallian East Asia District

This is a pilot project for the women in LEAD organized by the LEAD Mission Council (LMC).

We hope that this formation program will

  • provide the women of LEAD an opportunity to journey together towards good emotional health
  • foster unity amidst diversity of personal experiences
  • encourage more programs like this at the sector and district level

Register Here: https://forms.gle/8gQmuCx7UrwwWwcw9


LEAD General Chapter Series, “Building New Paths to Transform Lives” part 1, with Br. Christi Croos FSC member of the Preparatory commission for the 46th General Chapter in 2022. (The General Chapter represents the voice of the international Lasallian Family).

2021 August 13, Friday at 4:30 PM (HK)

Kindly register at https://tinyurl.com/joinLOC