Brothers Retreat Singapore (12-15 June 2021)

LEAD Story 363

With the theme on Fratelli Tutti, the 10 Singapore Brothers were on a retreat facilitated by Bro Dominic Yeo-Koh, the Provincial of the Brothers of St Gabriel for four mornings. The day would begin with a short prayer and a hymn online and the sharing of the previous day’s input as to what touched us from the document “Fratelli Tutti.” Each day covered two chapters of the document. Bro Dominic was able to share his personal experiences of brotherhood and his ministry when he was in India, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea and Philippines and related it to the document’s message. In this way, it was not only a dry read through of the content of the document. The Brothers spent the morning in silence and the lunch in silence too so as to be able to reflect more on the inputs received in the morning. The sharing among the Brothers would take place during the session of the next day. (Text & Photos: Br. Nicholas Seet FSC)

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