LEAD Story 363

The key leaders of LEAD met again on 2021 June 16 for the bi-monthly District Council meeting. First on the agenda was the official welcoming of the new LEAD Mission Council (LMC) chair, Ms. Coreen Paul. Then, there was a round of COVID-19 updates per sector before moving on.

One of the main points discussed was the Superior General’s 2020 December 08 letter to the Brothers. The DC members were requested to reflect on the following questions:

  1. What I have learned since my original contribution to the Mission Moving Forward Plan?
  2. What are we seeing that is different? Are we seeing a break with some of the old ways of doing things
  3. What needs to be done now and with whom do we want to stand?
  4. How are we calling forth the gifts and talents of our Brothers, Lasallians, and communities?
  5. What would we like to see emerge from this pandemic? What opportunities does the pandemic present?

Reflections from a period of months were collated and presented. Included in the report were action plans which specific point persons were tasked to work on.

Ms. Coreen also presented the LMC chair’s report which included the LMC chairmanship, constitution/charter, sector mission councils, LMC projects - LEAD Minds, LEAD Women, LEAD Alumni, and LIVE LEAD Reunion, and other collaborations. The Council praised all the LMC efforts and she was assured of the full support coming from the district and the leadership team.