Singapore Principals Retreat (7-8 June 2021)

LEAD Story 363

Six principals of our 8 Lasallian schools in Singapore attended 2 mornings of an online retreat with 4 input sessions facilitated by Bros Antonio Cubillas, Collin Wee, Paul Ho and Nicholas Seet. The first day enabled the principals to share about their growing up years and those who influenced them in their faith journey as the session comprised the childhood and family of La Salle as well as the challenges that they faced as school leaders as they reflected on the Founder’s challenges. For the second day, Br Paul Ho led the school leaders in a reflective session which covered the concept of Fraternity while Br Antonio shared recent Institute documents as well as the Lasallian Declaration of the Lasallian Educational Mission. Each session had a 30-minute input, followed by 30 minutes of individual reflections and another 30 minutes of sharing among the principals. It was an enriching time for them as the sharing enabled them to listen to each other and to bond. The phrase “Make Collaboration Common” pervaded the discussions. The retreat ended with the principals giving their suggestions as to the Graces/Fruits of the Retreat and as they dreamed of what they could do together and by association. They suggested meeting in a month’s time for a meal and discussion for plans to work together as Lasallian principals and make plans for 2022. (Text & Photos: Br. Nicholas Seet FSC)