LEAD Women: Emotionally Healthy Woman

LEAD Story 364

The Emotionally Healthy Woman formation program for the women of L.E.A.D began on July 7th and will end on August 25th 2021. This is a pilot project and an initiative of the L.E.A.D Mission Council. It is a series of 8 sessions, each focusing on one Quit! These 8 quits are from the Emotionally Healthy Woman book by Geri Scazzero. It is for every woman who wants to live free, authentic lives rooted in Christs’ love.

The program is about understanding that there is a time and season for everything under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1) – and that includes quitting; but it must be done for the right reasons, the right time and in the right way. The kind of quitting that the program talks about is not about weakness or giving up in despair. It is about strength and choosing to live in the truth which requires the death of illusions. Biblical quitting goes hand in hand with choosing. When we quit those things that are damaging to our soul or the souls of others, we are freed up to choose other ways of being and relating that are rooted in love and lead to life.

For example... When we quit fear of what others think we choose freedom.
When we quit lies, we choose truth.
When we quit blaming, we choose to take responsibility.
When we quit faulty thinking, we choose to live in reality.

The other quits are:
Quit Dying to the wrong things.
Quit Denying Anger, Sadness and Fear
Quit Over functioning
Quit Living Someone Else's Life

These are the 8 quits that the group will be challenged with, one every week.

The sessions are made up of input and FAQ videos, group discussions and bible reflections. Participants are given time to share in depth in their small groups of 3-4. Guide questions are used in all discussions and reflections. Amidst the sharing and discussions there is also time for personal reflection and journaling. Scenarios and reflection questions based on the life of our founder will be used each week.

We have 22 women who were present at the first session from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Hong Kong. 8 of them are facilitators who are there to learn with the participants. We pray for these Lasallian women journeying together towards emotional well-being.

Live Jesus in our hearts forever! (Text & Photo: Ms. Coreen Paul)