Vocation Promotion Board - VPB 6

LEAD Story 364

The LEAD Formation Board met on July 21. Despite the many challenges posed by the current pandemic, we have witnessed dynamic online vocation initiatives in some sectors. These initiatives have been organized by vocations teams and individual Lasallians.

The current pandemic has disrupted the discernment process of many young people considering the religious life. They find themselves unable to make life-changing decisions like entering the postulancy during a time of crisis.

Since we are being called by God to live our personal vocation, we can share the treasure of a Lasallian vocation with all those seeking God through service in education (C475). We are reminded in our Institute documents to take responsibility and work together promoting Lasallian vocations. Do you believe that every Brother and Lasallian Partner is a vocation promoter? (Text & Photo: Br. Antonio Cubillas FSC)