Come And Discover SF

LEAD Story 366

MALAYSIA - La Salle Centre Ipoh and the Signum Fidei KL Chapter organised a ‘Come and Discover SF’ programme on the 18th of July. There were 36 people who attended this session that went on for 90 minutes. This program was organised to create awareness and to encourage the growth of SF membership in Malaysia. Participants were teachers, former teachers, church members and a couple of university students.

The programme started off with the opening prayer prepared by Ms Joyce Gomez and a welcome speech by Brother Ambrose Loke, the spiritual advisor of Signum Fidei Malaysia. Brother Michael Broughton was our guest speaker who started his presentation with an introduction to Signum Fidei and what it is. He then went on to share where SF can be found around the world, who can join SF and what the different stages of membership are.

Mr. Xavier Soosay the current chair of Signum Fidei KL Chapter, followed with a brief history of SF in Malaysia and its existing members. Participants then engaged in a question-and-answer session with Brother Michael. Some questions that were brought up were: Can non-Christians be a part of SF? Would they need to profess Christianity?

Brother Andrew Loke, Brother Director of Malaysia, closed the session with thanks to our guest speaker, SF Chairman and organisers of this forum along with a few words of encouragement and thanks to all those who attended the programme. (Text: Ms. Coreen Paul & Mr. Isaac Stephen; Photo: Ms. Coreen Paul)