LEAD Alumni Organizing Committee

LEAD Story 366

The LEAD Mission Council (LMC) was assigned by the Brother Visitor and the LEAD District Council to “strengthen the alumni and lay partners engagement in LEAD”. In response, the LMC proposed to organize the LEAD ALUMNI project, which consists of two parts. The first is a series of online conferences or gatherings of alumni and former students of LEAD. The second part is the LMC’s positive response to the call and invitation of Brother Visitor for LEAD alumni to adopt and extend support for the new Bamboo school, the La Salle Mae Hong Son, to be located near the border of Thailand and Myanmar, and which will primarily benefit young migrants from Myanmar and children of indigenous people of Thailand.

Primary Purposes

  1. To deepen understanding of the Lasallian Identity (who we are) and the Mission.
  2. To promote the Lasallian alumni’s active involvement and participation in the Lasallian Mission.
  3. To foster fellowship and camaraderie among LEAD Alumni.

Secondary Objectives

  1. To foster and promote the One La Salle spirit of fraternity and brotherhood/sisterhood among LEAD alumni and former students. To develop a sense of belonging as Lasallians in the mission.
  2. To become aware of and accept to collaborate with other Lasallian alumni and former students in East Asia particularly in adopting a common project.

A distinguished group of alumni leaders representing the seven countries or sectors of LEAD have been invited and agreed to form themselves as the LEAD ALUMNI Organizing Committee. The LMC is pleased to welcome and introduce them:

LEAD Alumni Poster