LEAD Minds Session 2: Resilience 2021 July 24

LEAD Story 366

With the onslaught of the global pandemic, changes have been apparent and with changes, it’s not always comfortable. Change can bring distress and in a time of global health crisis, that distress isn’t discriminating – in age, status, affiliation, and so on. For these reasons, the topic for the 2nd session of the LEAD minds is relevant and significant. 88 educators across 7 counties of the Lasallian East Asia district came together to form a platform and exchange insights to reflect on the topic, “Developing Resilience amidst Change”.

Br. Abet King Pia, FSC warmly welcomed the participants in the gathering, followed by an opening reflection led by Br. Patrick Tierney FSC, Auxiliary Visitor. Br. Marvin Sipin FSC, the surprise co-host, then introduced the session’s facilitator from the HELP University in Kuala Lumpur, Mr. Eric Bryan Amaladas.

Mr. Amaladas began his session by explaining that every person has a way of coping with change. He added that coping may be extra challenging for some, especially with major or discontinuous changes. With that, he stressed the importance of pausing and having a good look to assess one’s ability to bounce back and recover from challenges or simply, one’s resilience. He highlighted the importance of managing one’s emotions and avoiding either of the two extremes – suppressing emotions or overly expressing emotions. Furthermore, Mr. Amaladas stressed the importance of self-care which encompasses finding time for yourself and giving space to yourself.

After the insightful talk by Mr. Amaladas, the participants were assigned into breakout rooms to discuss their own experiences of the different challenges they have faced or currently experiencing. Many of the participants also shared their methods of strengthening their resilience which furthered the reflections and take-aways from Mr. Amaladas. Towards the end of the session, the participants were gathered in the plenary for an open Q&A with Mr. Amaladas who thoughtfully answered questions from the participants.

The talk concluded in a hopeful and encouraging mood, with everyone being reminded that whilst walking in times like the pandemic may seem dark and gloomy, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. (Text: Mr. Angelo Paragas; Photos: Mr. Migs Ortega)

LEAD Minds 2