LEAD Online Community Kicks Off Participation In The Future Of The Lasallian Mission (General Chapter) Dialogues

LEAD Story 366

Preparations for the 46th General Chapter (Circular 476) of the Institute are underway, and now, more than ever, is the best time for all Lasallians to start discussing, and recommending proposals for the agenda of the General Chapter in May 2022.

It was with this in mind that the fifth LEAD Online Community (LOC) Gathering last August 13 was conceived to become a venue to include Lasallian partners or associates in the dialogue. With over 100 participants at the Zoom meeting room, LOC 5 served as an effective means to orient the attendees regarding the General Chapter and its theme, “Building New Paths to Transform Lives.”

Br. Christy Croos FSC, a member of the Preparatory Commission for the said Chapter, delivered a concise explanation of the three primary topics, namely: (1) Association for Mission, (2) Leadership, Sustainability and Governance, and (3) Life of the Brothers. He included in his talk an explanation of the “Map Makers” metaphor that is referenced to Br. Luis de Thomasis FSC’s book “Creating a New Lasallian Map.”

After this rich discussion, the participants were directed to Breakout rooms, where each group was invited to discuss the following prompts:

  1. Do you have a proposal that you believe is important for the Sustainability of the Lasallian Mission in the future?
  2. What “new road maps” would you propose to help revitalize the Lasallian Mission looking at today’s reality?

Upon returning to the plenary, the participants listened once again as Br. Christy synthesized his sharing and encouraged everyone to join him in a five-point reflection:

  1. Consider renewing and revising Lasallian institutional governance structures, internationally and locally, to fulfill our vision of inclusivity, accepting diversity in religion, culture, ethnicity and gender.
  2. Consider giving more weight to creating and implementing Lasallian formation programs for Brothers and Partners.
  3. Consider promoting Lasallian Vocations throughout the Institute with the intention of service beyond District or Region.
  4. Consider renewing our Lasallian Educational Mission beyond our own established institutions and reaching out in direct service to the poor, marginalized, victims of violence and abuse.
  5. Consider revitalizing our efforts and commitment for social justice and peace.

Since its first online gathering in August 2020, LOC has already involved 247 participants from LEAD and beyond. LOC has hosted five meetings, each covering a topic of interest and relevance.

As the new Path Builders and Map Makers for our Lasallian Educational Mission in today’s reality, let us be open to God in the Holy Spirit, so that our reflections and discussions may lead us to create fresh opportunities t o transform the lives of those entrusted to our care. (Text: Brs. Antonio Cubillas FSC & Emong Viroomal FSC; Photos: Br. Antonio Cubillas FSC)