MLEC Roundtable With Board Chairpersons Of Lasallian Schools In Malaysia 2021 July 17

LEAD Story 366

MALAYSIA - The Malaysian Lasallian Education Council (MLEC) has hit the ground running with the Malaysia level implementation of the Revitalization Plan for our Lasallian Educational Institutions, which was recently announced by the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

An important first step was to align the leadership of the network of Malaysian Lasallian schools on the Revitalization agenda. This was achieved during a most engaging roundtable session attended by the Chairpersons of the Boards of Governors (BOG) from 29 La Salle schools around Malaysia. There were 13 chairmen present, representing 22 schools. Also present at this session were members of the MLEC steering committee.

The session was carried out virtually to comply with ongoing social restrictions prevalent in Malaysia due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The meeting started with a welcome address by Br. Andrew, Brother Director of Malaysia. He thanked the Organising Committee for planning this meeting and all participants for making time to come together. This meeting was not a one-way presentation telling them what and what not to do. Rather it was a roundtable discussion.

Leading the roundtable meeting of minds was Lim Hock Thiam, Chairman of the MLEC Steering Committee. He, together with fellow Committee Member, Michael Simon, briefed the BOG Chairpersons about the objectives and the approaches of the Revitalization agenda. Some insights were shared on how the leadership of all La Salle school boards in Malaysia play an important role, not only as custodians, but also as change agents who can steer our network of schools towards reclaiming its place as premier educational institutions in Malaysia.

During the roundtable discussion, the BOG Chairpersons also shared their personal experiences and lessons learnt, pertaining to the challenges and their approaches to problem-solving in the management of their schools. Many face the challenges of the constantly changing tide of policies and socio-economic factors that impact the running of schools.

Arising from this robust roundtable discussion, the participants collectively resolved to the formation of the Council of BOG Chairpersons. This Council will meet on a scheduled basis. (Text: Mr Nantha – Chair of MLEC Communications Committee; Photo: Ms. Vivienne Cheong)