Gathering In The New Normal: DLSBI Corporation Meeting And The Philippine Sector Assembly

LEAD Story 368

For the second straight year, the annual DLSBI Corporation Meeting and the Philippine Sector Assembly were held virtually through Zoom last 13 August 2021. Brothers from the different communities across the Philippines and LEAD were gathered in that single Zoom room to hear the different updates around the sector and the district.

The DLSBI Annual Corporation, chaired by Br. Dodo Fernandez FSC and with a quorum confirmed, began with the presentation of the minutes of t h e p r e v i o u s m i n u t e s a n d t h e ratification of the acts and resolutions of the Board of Trustees and Officers. With copies of these documents circulated months and days before the meeting, these were approved swiftly. Following these, came the report from the president of DLSBI, Br. Felipe Belleza FSC. Br. Felipe detailed the reports from the different social action programs of DLSBI and how it continues to respond to the call to action, especially during this time of the pandemic. He noted that advances were made in the feeding and livelihood programs through the Paghilom Project, Zero Extreme Poverty, and the Kada-Uno. The corporation meeting ended with the approval of the appointment of KPMG as the auditor of the corporation.

Soon after the corporation meeting was the Philippine Sector Assembly, which was chaired by Br. Felipe. The gathering was divided into seven major parts, which include the Visitor’s Report, the Directors Association Report, Vocations Ministry Report, DLSP Report, Bursar’s Report, Plenary, and the Honoring Rites.

Br. Armin Luistro FSC, LEAD Visitor, presented the district statistics including the number of vocations in the past three years from the aspirancy until first vows, and a general overview of assignments of the Filipino Brothers. Br. Armin showcased the different projects of the district, including Brothers who have finished their graduate and postgraduate studies, and those who are taking further studies, numerous online engagements, such as the LS Visions, LEAD Online Community, and many more, which connected the Lasallian community in East Asia. Also in the spotlight is the establishment of La Salle Mae Hong Son, which will serve as the LEAD 10th Anniversary Project and will cater to refugees, especially those coming from Myanmar. Furthermore, Br. Armin shared some financial data including the total contribution of LEAD to the COVID-19 response, amounting to USD 1,000,000.00, and the balances and expenses of the different sectors of LEAD.

Afterward, Br. Butch Alcudia FSC, chair of the Community Directors’ Association (CDA), shared the ongoing projects of the CDA, which includes the updating of the sector operation manual, and the creation of a fund to assist the families of the Brothers in terms of emergency and medical needs. Other projects include the orientation of directors and bursars on concerns about finance and the establishment of a committee that will handle matters on the integrity and safeguarding of minors.

Next, Br. Weegee Enriquez FSC introduced “Yes, Bro!” as the campaign for this year, which is a response to Christ’s invitation to all, highlighting the office’s initiative in promoting Lasallian vocations. He also shared updates and the plans of the Vocations Ministry Office (VMO) for this academic year. As of writing, there are about 97 contacts, aspirants, and discerners throughout the entire country. Moreover, he shared the Culture of Vocations Plan which contained strategic directions and goals of the office for this year, as well as two sector documents that will guide schools in promoting the Lasallian vocation, namely: Lasallian Vocations Team Operations Manual and Brothers Vocation Ministry Guide. Lastly, he urged the communities to actively participate in the different activities of the VMO.

Meanwhile, Br. Normandy Dujunco FSC presented the initiatives and activities from the different offices under De La Salle Philippines (DLSP), a number of which were gatherings and engagements that focused on social awareness and national issues. Moreover, as part of the ongoing COVID-19 response, the Central House initiated Technical Working Groups for the Reopening of Schools and Vaccination. Other projects presented were the Animo SMART Online Store and Project 2022: Reimagining Lasallian Education.

The last of the reports was the Bursar’s Report by Mr. Ferdie Fernandez. He reported on the budget performance reports (BPRs) of the Brothers’ Communities and the Central House, Statement of Activities by Classification to the Central House, the Brothers’ Pooling Account BPR, and the Balances of the Brothers’ Endowment Fund. Apart from these, he also shared information about the contributions of the district schools to the Institute.

The gathering ended with the plenary, where Brothers raised their concerns and questions about the different reports, and the annual honoring rites for Brothers who celebrate their anniversaries, in the multiples of 5 years.

Despite the online-only gathering, it was an opportunity for the Brothers to gather, listen and learn about the state of both the sector and the district, and join their thoughts and prayers for the betterment of the mission. (Text: Br. Miggy Crisostomo FSC; Photos: Br. Carlo Rementilla FSC)

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