Hong Kong

2020 March 19
Solemn Feast of St. Joseph, Husband of Mary

Dear Lasallians in the Frontlines,

Greetings of peace and well-being! We salute and support your gallant efforts to quell COVID-19 as you perform your responsibilities beyond the call of duty while putting yourselves at great risk. We stand in solidarity with you as part of the health and medical team directly assisting the sick and infected, or as researchers and scientists pressed to review test results or find effective antidotes to the virus, or as round-the-clock logistics and security forces, public servants and volunteers doing your share to reassure the public, restore and maintain order and provide much needed services to everyone.

We are one with you during this very challenging time and assure you of our fervent prayers as your fellow Lasallians in East Asia. We will especially remember you as we pause for a few minutes of quiet prayer daily to remember all Lasallians in the frontlines and to intercede for all those who are working earnestly in many different ways to provide solutions and address the challenges we face.

For you, all Lasallians in East Asia will gather together and by association in their respective homes and communities at around 5:00 p.m. beginning today March 19, feast of St. Joseph, Protector of our Lasallian Institute, and ending on May 15, feast of our Founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle. May the good Lord ever keep you in the palm of His hand. Live Jesus in our hearts, forever!

Fraternally yours,

Br. Armin A. Luistro FSC


Loving Father, our Lasallian Family draws near to you in fervent prayer for all those affected by COVID-19. 

In FAITH, we lift up to you our fears and anxieties and the sufferings of those who have been infected always remembering that even in our darkest hours we are in your most holy presence. 

In SERVICE, we beg you for strength and wisdom to do all that needs to be done knowing that we can be channels of your healing grace when we do all our actions for the love of you. 

In COMMUNION, we stand in solidarity with all the frontliners who risk their lives for others and pray for all medical teams and support personnel who earnestly seek its cure and provide remedy and comfort to those who are sick and most vulnerable. Most Loving Father we entrust our lives and the health and well-being of our families and communities to your care and protection for with you we will be safe and secure.







In this time of strife, we, the Lasallian East Asia District, remain faithful in our resolve by inviting everyone to spend a few moments of silence in joining us in prayer for Hong Kong. We believe in a God who makes all things possible by making us instruments of His peace and ministers of His justice.


Loving God, Father of All
bless the people of Hong Kong
today and in the days to come.

Look with kindness
on the aspirations of your people
especially the youth in the city.
Bless them, enlighten them, and protect each one of them.
Be present with them so they may truly feel
your love especially during these troubled times.

You are the God who makes all things possible;
Come to the aid of your people who call upon you,
Bring peace to your beloved city--
a just peace that fulfills the dreams and hopes
of all the people of Hong Kong
whom you hold dearly in the palm of your hand.

May we become instruments of your peace
and ministers of your justice. Amen.



Organised by the Hong Kong Lasallian Family, the Tercentenary Thanksgiving Mass for the completion of the earthly journey of our Holy Founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle was held on 21st September 2019 at La Salle Primary School. Five Old Boy Priests, eleven Brothers, and stakeholders from all our eight Lasallian schools in Hong Kong attended the mass and thanked God for his continued blessings throughout the years.

All of our schools offered help in one way or another in the organisation and operation of the mass. There were eight readers, one from each of our schools, offering the readings. Apart from the usual offerings of bread and wine at the altar, the offerings included the student handbooks and the school ties from our students. These gifts represented our desire to continue being faithful to our rich heritage, together with our Catholic and Lasallian ethos.

For the first time in the history of our Hong Kong Lasallian Family, managers from our eight schools came together on the 19th September for a training programme. The programme was held in the Hall of La Salle College and there was a large turnout of about 90 participants.

The event was blessed by the Brothers and coordinated by St. Joseph’s Primary School. The chief presenter was Ms Asha Sharma, a partner in a very reputable law firm and herself a manager of St. Joseph’s Primary. Indeed, her family has been closely associated with us over the years, her father, Mr. KC Sharma, having been a long-standing teacher at St. Joseph’s College.

Ms Sharma gave a splendid overview of ‘School-Based Management Governance’, ‘Guiding principles of Handling Complaints’ and of ‘Case Studies.’ The roles and responsibilities of school managers were clearly outlined as well as the most important documents for reference.

Feedbacks from participants were very encouraging and it is hoped that the Hong Kong Lasallian Education Council will organize similar workshops for our school managers and administrators in the future.

Leadership. Sustainability. Vitality. On 9-11 January 2020, the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Sha Tin, Hong Kong, stood witness to these values from the Lasallian community as it became the venue of 3 simultaneous Pacific-Asia Regional Conference (PARC) meetings and a Lasallian East Asia District (LEAD) District Council meeting. 

48 Brothers and Partners from Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Rome, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam attended the meetings. 

Brother Visitors and Auxiliary Visitors from the PARC Region gathered for PARC46, which was presided by Br. Ricky Laguda FSC, PARC General Councillor.

Concurrently happening in another meeting room, the PARC Bursars met with Br. Martin Rocha FSC, General Bursar of the Institute.

The PARC Workshop on Pastoral Ministry on Youth and Lasallian Vocations took place in a 3rd meeting room. Brs. Rey Mejias FSC and Antonio Cubillas FSC facilitated the 3-day workshop with young Brothers and Lay Partners from all over the PARC Region.

On 11 January, more Brothers arrived to meet for the 33rd LEAD District Council. It was, through God's grace, a successful event – one that is certainly productive and optimistic.


The LEAD District Council members met in Hong Kong on 11 January for the 33rd LEAD District Council (DC33) Meeting. This may be the shortest DC meeting, which only lasted for half a day.

The DC members didn't waste time and went straight to the first part of the meeting, which was the Chapter of Vows.

During the break, cakes were given to Brs. Felipe and Dennis, who celebrated their birthday on 7 January and 11 January, respectively.

Mr. Jay Gervasio, a member of the LEAD Executive Team and Chair of the Mission Council, gave a report on the LEAD Mission Council and alumni engagement. Other business matters were discussed and the meeting ended in record time.



The Pacific Asia Regional Conference (PARC) convened a 3-day workshop on Pastoral Ministry on Youth and Lasallian Vocations held in The Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Hong Kong last January 9-11, 2020. Participated in by representatives from Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam, the workshop aimed at gathering the Pastoral Ministry of Vocations (PMV) leaders in the region to heighten awareness of the culture of vocations, be more involved in promoting Lasallian vocations, participate actively in identifying high potential candidates to the Brother’s life, and discover other forms of Lasallian communities that cultivate the Lasallian spirituality and charism.

The program included presentations and discussions on the state of Pastoral Ministry on Youth and Lasallian Vocations in the Institute level, dialogue of vocational experiences and PMV work, models of Pastoral Ministry and Lasallian Vocations, various ways in involving the youth in vocational discernment, use of social media in PMV, interaction with the Lasallian youth in Hong Kong, interaction with the visitors in the region, and strategic planning on PMV for the region.

As an output of the workshop, the PMV representatives in the region proposed to take actions on the following agenda: (1) common digital platform for collaboration in sharing PMV documents (photos, videos, and programs), international intentional community in the region, ministry for the poor volunteer program, and alignment of the existing Lasallian youth and partners’ gatherings in PARC like Asia Pacific Lasallian Youth Conference (APLYC) and Asia Pacific Lasallian Educators Conference (APLEC) with pastoral ministry of vocations.

The 3-day workshop was filled with dialogues and sharing of perspectives on the realities of the pastoral ministry in the region. The delegates ended the program with excitement for more collaboration and hopes for more vocations in the region.


HONG KONG - A special Mass of thanksgiving commemorating the centenary of the establishment of the legal entity of the De La Salle Brothers in Hong Kong was held on the 6th November 2021 in the school chapel of St. Joseph’s College. A large gathering of the Hong Kong Lasallian Family attended.

Although the Brothers arrived in 1875, it took 46 years for them to become a separate legal entity. Up to that time, we were a Catholic Mission school, under the auspices of the Bishop.

As of 4th November 1921, the Brothers became a legal entity under the title ‘The Director in Hong Kong of St. Joseph’s College.’ In this way, we had to stand on our own feet as it were. It also indicated that the Brothers were fully committed to educational development in Hong Kong. The legal title was also given as a ‘Corporation Sole’ and our legal advisers assure us that today it is a rare and privileged status.

The man who brought this all about was none other than Brother Aimar Sauron, who played a significant role in the development o f Lasallian education in Hong Kong.

Brother Patrick has officially handed over the legal status to Brother Dennis Magbanua and we wish him well in his new role.

At the end of the Mass, there was a special ceremony awarding medallions of the Founder to three of the early members of the Hong Kong Lasallian Education Council (LEC). They are Mr. Nicholas Ng, Mr. Lester Huang and Mr. Chris Lau.

Finally, the celebrant priest, Father Carlos Cheung, had a pleasant surprise for his school day Primary Principal Mr. YC Yung. Since Father Carlos had just returned from Rome, he brought along a special blessing from the Pope to Mr. Yung and his family. (Text: Br. Pat Tierney FSC; Photo: Mr. Paul Tam)

On 14 April, Easter Tuesday, a small team of Brothers and Lasallian Volunteers visited the homeless in Sham Shui Po, an area in Hong Kong where a good number of poor people live. The group went there to give out masks and hygiene products.

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, prices of masks and hygiene products have escalated. The Hong Kong Lasallian Family Office was lucky enough to have received donations of these items from different parties. Thanks to the Brothers and Lasallian Volunteers for the repacking and distribution of these products within a short period of time.

Through the activity, the team was able to reach out to street cleaners and the homeless, most of whom have been suffering from social inequality for some time.

This is the time for us Lasallians to be the spark during these dark hours and be the change we want to see. (Text & Photos: Ms. Nikki Chan)

#1LaSalle #FaithServiceCommunity #StaySafe #MightyLasallian



Brother Visitor, Armin, wasted no time after the PARC and District Council meetings in January 2020. Straightaway, he embarked on the canonical visit to the two Brothers Communities in Hong Kong - St. Joseph’s College and La Salle College.

Personal Interviews of each Brother took time, followed by a general meeting of all the Brothers in the community. Br. Armin asked the community to reflect on the Brothers’ ministry of presence to the different La Salle schools. This opened up explorations on what it means to be a Brother in LEAD having a mission in a very secular society and discovering the God-encounter in this context.

The community was also reminded to keep in close contact with one another and have joint community gatherings regularly.

Moreover, now that Hong Kong has had some experience in welcoming new Brothers, perhaps an evaluation can be carried out with a view to possible improvements.

Brother Visitor also threw out a challenge, wondering if international Lasallian volunteerism can be promoted in Hong Kong. The possibility of creating an intentional and international community of Lasallians is well worth a try.

A fine buffet dinner at a nearby hotel rounded off the proceedings.

Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College (CSK) opened its doors to the general public for its 50th Anniversary Open Days on 7-8 December 2019 with the theme: Roots to secure our past, Wings to fly high in future. The De La Salle Brothers in Hong Kong attended the kick-off ceremony, followed by a campus tour. 

Various school clubs put up booths and exhibitions at the quadrangle that showcased their respective club activities. Some have interactive games with tons of freebies and prizes. Others offer arts and crafts located inside classrooms. The PTA handled food stalls. There were also variety shows like musical and drama performances. 
Introduction sessions for potential S1 students and their parents were also held to give them more information about CSK. Old Boys came back with their friends and family to reminisce and have mini-reunions with their batchmates and former teachers. 

All efforts paid off for definitely it was a weekend full of fun!













Br. Armin, Visitor of East Asia, took the opportunity of his visit to Hong Kong to call on Br. Lawrence Blake FSC in St. Theresa’s Hospital Kowloon where he is recovering from an accident in his motorised wheelchair. He was accompanied by Br. Tom and Br. Mikey. Br. Larry, who is now 89, is a member of La Salle College Community Kowloon and served on the staff of the school for a number of years. In his earlier years he taught at La Salle Secondary School Kota Kinabalu Sabah, and served as teacher and Principal in Chan Sui Ki College and Chong Gene Hang College Hong Kong. We look forward to Br. Lawrence being discharged in the near future and will keep him in our prayers. (Text: Br. Tom Lavin FSC)

Let us welcome Br. Lourdhu Jude FSC from the Delegation of India. He is assigned in La Salle College, Kowloon, Hong Kong, where he will be teaching English and Math subjects. He is an athletic Brother, playing and coaching basketball, volleyball, football, and other sports.

Welcome, Br. Jude!

It was probably a first, setting a record. On Wednesday 17th June 2020, three teachers and one student of La Salle College, Kowloon, took part in the Rite of Acceptance for Baptism in the College Chapel of La Salle. The three teachers were Charlotte Chung, Martin Ma, and Timothy Szeto while the Form 1 boy was Alvin Kwok.

Normally, the Rite would be held in the parish church but the COVID-19 virus has changed things. The approval to hold the ceremony in the school chapel was given by Fr Gabriel Ortega, who was also the celebrant for the occasion.

Both Fr Gabriel and Br Thomas Lavin gave meaningful reflections about the journey that lies ahead. At the end, pictures were taken for the record. (Text: Br. Pat Tierney FSC; Photos: Mr. Francis Tse)



HONG KONG - As part of their Life Education Program, twenty-six Form 4 students visited St. Michael’s Catholic Cemetery in Happy Valley on the 9th of November 2021 together with Br. Mikey Cua, Ms. Ivy Choy and Mr. KY Kiang. Three volunteer cemetery receptionists for the day - Joseph, Thomas, and Teresa – shared with the boys the history of the Cemetery, the life stories of some notable people buried there, and some personal experiences. The students were impressed when they visited the graves of the late De La Salle Brothers. After the short tour, they were then led to reflect upon the meaning of life. Br. Mikey led the closing prayer in the Cemetery Chapel to end the program. (Text & Photos: Mr. KY Kiang - CSKLSC RS Panel Head)

HONG KONG - The College is glad to announce that Chui Tsz Yeung Donald (4G, 2020-21) and his GRUEN Project groupmates from various countries have been awarded the "Heinrich-Boell-Stiftung Honorable Mention" prize. This awardrecognizes the outstandingperformance ofoneselect group from Cycle 2 of GRUEN. The participants would like to thank their Teacher Advisor, Miss Alsace Cheung, for her guidance and support.

Seven boys from Form 3 last year (2019-2020) joined the Green Urban Environment (GRUEN) Project which was held between mid-March and September. GRUEN is a project for secondary school students in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and Europe that has internationalisation at its heart. The Project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Programme of the European Union and organized by the Hong Kong Baptist University in Hong Kong SAR.

Under GRUEN, students use a specially-designed online Moodle workshop to participate in asynchronous online discussions and share their perspectives, exchange ideas, and develop their concepts for a green urban environment while also familiarizing themselves with key sustainability principles and best practices of the EU under the 7th EAP.

The GRUEN website - https://gruencity.wordpress.com

(Text: La Salle College Official Website; Photos: Ms. Alsace Cheung)