LEAD Story 296

Brothers, Lasallian partners, students and alumni gathered at the Basilica of Immaculate Conception-Manila Cathedral to commemorate the tercentenary to eternal life of a noble man very close to the hearts of every Lasallian – Saint John Baptist de La Salle.

Meditative songs through the Taizé prayer predisposed the entire community for the Eucharistic celebration officiated by His Eminence Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle together with other priests.

Cardinal Tagle in his homily, partly discussed a brief history of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christians Schools based on how Saint De La Salle together with the First Brothers were able to establish the educational ministry.

Towards the end of his sermon the Cardinal asked the Lasallian community to pray for the Brothers to continuously become catalysts of change just like how Saint La Salle started the ministry.

In his thanksgiving message Br. Edmundo Fernandez FSC, the Visitor of Lasallian East Asia District, shared that the jubilee year is the time to celebrate the identity of Lasallian education.

In line of the Year of Vocations, he encouraged the community to promote in more active way the vocation of teaching minds, touching hearts and transforming lives. Br. Dodo emphasized the need for accompaniment for young individuals. With love, they will teach them the importance of truth, justice and value for life.

The event that filled the entire Cathedral also kicked off the official start of the tour of the relic of Saint John Baptist de La Salle to the different La Salle schools within the country before its installation to its shrine in De La Salle University-Laguna campus. (Paulo Ferrer, Photos: De La Salle University)

On April 6-7, 2019, all Lasallian Teachers, Brothers and Sisters from four schools gathered together at La Salle Bangkok to celebrate Tercentenary of our Holy Founder’s completion of his early journey. The event began with the Mass led by Cardinal Michael Michai Kitbunchu. He emphasized on One Heart One Commitment One Life with Holy Founder Saint John Baptist de La Salle.

In the afternoon, there were two sharings by Br. Joseph Klong on biography of our Holy Founder and Br. Peter Boonchert on the history of La Salle in Thailand. On the second day, we began the day with morning prayer and listened to Br. Eugene Prapas on 12 Virtues of a good teachers. We also invited Mr. Warin Chaiaphabul who is close to Lasallian Family in Thailand to share about organisational culture.

The first missionaries arrived in Thailand on August 31, 1951. At present there are four schools, 570 teachers, and about 10,280 students. The mission is continuing to grow, let us ask God to bless Lasallian Family in Thailand so we can carry on the work that our founder had begun. (Br. John Pongpat FSC)

The recent Lasallian Day Out! was held on 18 March 2019. Students from St Anthony’s Primary School, De La Salle School, SJI Junior, St Stephen’s School and the Lasallian Mentoring Programme were treated to half a day of fun. The students and teachers met at SJI Junior for some ice breakers before heading to Junction 8 Golden Village together with their new friends. They were treated to the movie Wonder Park while enjoying pop corn and coke, all of which were sponsored by SJI Foundation.

This day would not have been possible without the support of staff from the various primary schools, the organising team, LYNKsters as well as volunteers from SJI. For the June holidays, the planned Lasallian Day Out! will be on 27 June. We will be bringing the primary school students to SuperPark Singapore, a newly opened indoor activity park at Suntec City.

Lasallian Day Out! brings the less privileged students from St. Joseph’s Institution Junior, St. Stephen’s School, De La Salle School, St. Anthony’s Primary School and the Lasallian Mentoring program out for a day of fun. Held during each school holiday, the event aims to give these children a memorable day during their holidays which they can share with their friends when they return to school. We hope to not only give them the chance to participate in an unforgettable activity, but also to encourage them to make new friends, especially with other Lasallians of their age. Lasallian Day Out! was initiated by delegates from APLYC 2017 working under the umbrella of Lasallian Youth NetworK (LYNK). (Lin Wenkang/Ed-Linddi Ong)