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We in LEAD will have to get used to calling Br Armin, “Brother Superior”. The election for Superior General today, 18 May 2022, was very solemn. The traditions of the Institute were followed: paper ballots, only capitulants with the right to vote in the room, the oath taken by all capitulants, the invocation of the Holy Spirit, etc.

The results were not much of a surprise, after the Sondage taken the previous days. What was a surprise for me was the absolute majority - there was only one round of voting!

The most moving part of the election for me was the procession from the Aula Magna to the Sanctuary while chanting “Laudate Omnes Gentes” (Sing Praises, All You Peoples) while the bells were being rung.

While we waited in the Sanctuary, Br Luke as the youngest capitulant, led the two former Superiors General, Br Bob and Br Alvaro. Behind them and last to enter the Sanctuary was the new Brother Superior, our own Br Armin.



Br Armin knelt before the relics of the Founder and we all prayed with him. What they spoke about will chart the course of our Institute for the next 7 years. (Text & Photos: Br. Sockie de la Rosa FSC)

Brother Armin Luistro, Superior General, addresses a first message to the Brothers of the Institute and with them to the entire Lasallian Family worldwide (La Salle Global)

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Congratulations to former DLSU President Br. Ricardo Angel P. Laguda FSC on his re-election as General Councilor of the Brothers of the Christian Schools!

His term of office is from 2022 to 2029.

Animo La Salle! (De La Salle University Official Facebook Page)

Pope Francis meets the Brothers of the Christian Schools (FSC) and encourages them to continue evangelizing through education as the world experiences a new “educational emergency”.

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On 25 May 2022, newly elected Superior General, Br Armin Luistro FSC, appointed Br. Patrick Tierney FSC as Brother Visitor Pro Tempore of LEAD. Br. Pat is one of the Auxiliary Visitors.

In his appointment letter, Brother Superior General writes, “In making this appointment, I am aware of your status as the most senior among the 3 Auxiliary Visitors and your many years in positions of pastoral and ministerial leadership. I am grateful to you for so generously accepting this appointment and I am sure that your wise and Spirit-filled leadership will ensure that the affairs of the District are in good hands during this time of transition.”

Congratulations, Br. Pat!

15 May 2022 marks the 11th anniversary foundation of the Lasallian East Asia District. It has been and will continue to be a remarkable journey for LEAD.

Cheers to 11 years, LEAD!

If you look closely, you’ll find an image of the Founder.

HONG KONG - As part of the yearlong celebrations of La Salle College’s (LSC) 90th Anniversary, the school launched the Aerospace Exhibition and Virtual Campus Tour during the Founder’s Day 2022. (Photos: La Salle College Official Facebook Page)

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Find out more about the LSC 90th Anniversary activities here: https://sites.google.com/lasalle.edu.hk/lsc90th/home?authuser=0

PHILIPPINES - The first week of our in-person vocations ministry programs comes to an end, after conducting various sessions to discuss about the Institute’s effort to continuously build a culture of vocations.

On Tuesday, we had a session with Lasallian Partners entitled “The School as a seedbed of vocations”. It focused on Circular 475 by encouraging our Lasallian Partners to spearhead the school’s campaign to nurture all Lasallian vocations. To empower them in this mission, the vocations ministry framework of the De La Salle Brothers of the Philippines was shared with them.

On Wednesday, the Holy Infancy Brothers’ Community began their 3rd Brothers’ Live-In Program for LSA students. The Brothers in community conducted sessions about the life of the Founder, Discernment, and the Lasallian Core Values. The BLIP participants visited our Brothers in Ozamiz to expand their understanding of the Lasallian Mission in Mindanao.

On Friday, Lasallian Leaders and Volunteers flocked to the LSA Retreat Complex to gather for a session entitled “Brothers and Beyond”. The session was an opportunity for them to learn more about their personal leadership characteristics, the leadership experiences that make them feel most alive, their on-going discovery of their life purpose, and the vocation that they seem to be inclined to take in response to the call to go beyond themselves and into the service of a wider community.

The week ended with a visit from Most Reverend Joey Rapadas, D.D., the Bishop of Iligan, and Rev. Fr. Carmelo Pocdol.

We ask for your prayers as we continue to seek creative ways of building new paths to transform lives. (Text & Photos: Br. Weegee Enriquez FSC)

#YesBro #FSCvocations #DLSBrothersPH

JAPAN - We were allowed to use the La Salle chapel and gymnasium. 13 Japanese (Hakodate La Salle High School, Iai Girls High School, Chubu High School, University of Education JICA) and 13 Vietnamese members joined us in the morning via Zoom.

We had talks by Fr. Yamauchi SJ and Sr. Valeria (Canossian) from Tokyo. Fr. Lam OFM from Sapporo gave us a peace message, and everyone prayed for peace while thinking about it. At the end of the session and in candlelight, each person’s prayer was placed on the altar, and we had time to unite for peace.

After the self-introduction and sharing at lunchtime, the participants enjoyed a sports exchange. In the afternoon, we deepened exchanges beyond language barriers through various sports events. We are happy if we were able to give people the courage to take action and make things sustainable.

Live Jesus in our hearts, forever! (Text & Photo: Mr. Deok Bosco Han)

Here are social media posts of Lasallian athletes who brought pride and glory to the Philippines in the 31st Southeast Asian Games held in Hanoi, Vietnam.


(DLSU Sports Official Facebook Page, De La Salle - College of St. Benilde Official Facebook Page, University of St. La Salle Official Facebook Page)

If you know any other Lasallian athlete who participated in the 31st SEA Games aside from those featured here, please send the information to sec_lead@lasalle.org . Thank you!

The Brother Visitor of the Lasallian East Asia District (LEAD) appoints Br. John Niran Suksankrasin FSC as a member of the LEAD Mission Council (LMC) for a period of two (2) years from 2022 May 20 to 2024 May 14.

He replaces Br. Matthew Thawatchai Chumkhamta FSC. We thank Br. Matthew for his service to the LMC.