2nd LEAD Vocation Team Meeting

LEAD Story 328

The 2nd LEAD Vocation Team meeting was held on February 24-26 at Inya View Hotel, Yangon. On the first day, Br. Antonio Cubillas FSC was present during the meeting to have some discussions and clarifications with the Team. He encouraged the Team to have two more members (one Lay and one La Salle Sister) in order to have a wider understanding of the vocation promotion in LEAD.

On February 25, the team reviewed the documents they produced during the meeting in Thailand last October 19, 2019. They al so planned for the programs for 2020-2021.

The team approved continuing the LEAD Vocation Campaign “Happiness is a Habit” . They also planned t o conceptualize more materials for LEAD and encourage other Sectors to continue initiatives for the campaign.

The Team came up with ideas of creating Programs for each Sector which supports the Pastoral Ministry of Vocations and the establishment of Local Vocation Teams (LVT) in schools and communities.

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Afterwards, the Team conducted a vocation promotion program in La Salle Center. It was a whole day program with 120 youth participants. Br. Rey had a talk on “Who are the Brothers and what the mission of the Brothers is”. Furthermore, he explained about LEAD and Lasallians Worldwide. The Brothers also shared their vocation stories in groups. There were a lot of interesting questions raised by the students related to the life of the Brothers and the mission. The Team had a really meaningful encounter with the youth in La Salle Center. (Text & Photos: Br. Josaphat Ai Saw Hung Htoo FSC)

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