Lasallian Day In Two Primary/elementary Schools In Singapore

LEAD Story 350

With 197 primary six students in St Stephen’s School and 240 students in St Joseph’s Institution Junior, 5 Brothers and 10 Lynksters (Lasallian Youth) as well as Lasallian secondary students helped in the Lasallian Day programmes on 27 October and 30 October at St Stephen’s and on 5 November and 6 November at St Joseph’s Institution Junior as part of their graduating activities. The students were reminded of their Lasallian identity and values of Faith, Service and Community through various activities like writing affirmation notes, writing to their juniors in primary 5, drawing their memories of the school, sharing an item that reminded them of what they have learnt and experienced in the six years and coming up with a class logo and icons. The vocation of the Brothers and Lasallians were also shared. All activities were organized on a class level in view of COVID19 and this helped the students to bond more with each other and with the facilitators too. The closing ceremony saw them clapping in enthusiasm as they lighted candles and saw their class flags raised together including the hand signing and singing of the song “We are Lasallian.” It was a meaningful and enriching Lasallian experience for the facilitators and the students. (Text: Br Nicholas Seet FSC; Photos: Ms. Ed-Linddi Ong)