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The LEAD CARES webinars were organized to promote and popularize the use of Institute documents. More than 100 school leaders and key stakeholders of Lasallian educational ministries in LEAD registered to attend the online seminar on Dec 9 and 10, 2020. All the countries of LEAD were represented including two guests from Indonesia. There was a total of 108 registrants; 88 attended Webinar 1 while 76 attended Webinar 2.

A distinguished group of speakers have shared their knowledge, insights, and inspiring messages; among them were: (Webinar 1 on Lasallian Mission Moving Forward Plan) - Br. Edmundo Fernandez FSC (PH), Br. Patrick Tierney FSC (HK), Mr. Timothy Goh (SG) and (Webinar 2 on Identity Criteria and Declaration) - Br. Ricky Laguda FSC (PARC), Br. Victor Franco FSC (PH) and Br. Gerard Rummery FSC (Rome). (Text & Photos: Mr. Jay Gervasio)

LIVE LEAD stands for Lasallian Initiative for Volunteer Experience in the Lasallian East Asia District (LEAD). This year the theme of LIVE LEAD is LEAD Refresh: Young Lasallians working towards Recovery, Resilience and Renewal of the Lasallian Mission.

The first session was held on 23 J a n u a r y 2 0 2 1 . A r o u n d 8 5 participants from different Sectors of LEAD joined the activity.

Br. Armin Luistro FSC gave his message to the Young Lasallians. Click on the image below to view the video on YouTube.

Find out more about LIVE LEAD and LEAD Refresh here: https://www.lasalle-lead.org/livelead

Indeed, no distance is too far for when we let our zeal and creativity soar. This has been proven when the Pacific Asia Regional Conference (PARC) Young Brothers reimagined the sense of community as they had its virtual community gathering last January 23, 2021 using Zoom. The activity, entitled “Brothers’ Time Out,” was joined by more than thirty-five (35) Young Brothers from all over the Pacific Asia. This activity was the first of a three-part series which has the following objectives: (1) to have a consistent online space where the Young Brothers can meet and share their present experiences; and (2) to make a space for ongoing formation in any aspect of human and Christian growth. For the Brothers’ Time Out, the main focus was the community aspect of the Brothers life; hence , activities were prepared which aimed for the Brothers to simply de-stress and have fun.

In this gathering, which began at 8:00 PM (Philippine time), the Brothers, shared their joys and stories among each other through virtual games during the plenary session and getting-to-know-you activities during the breakout session. Stories were shared, memories were rekindled, and friendly banter abounded as everyone just reconnected to our deeper sense of association as Brothers under one Lasallian identity despite the distance and culture disparities. (Text & Photos: Br. Ivan Umali FSC)


“We have to open new avenues where our Lasallian partners can start the inspiration that they already have in their minds and in their hearts.” These were Br. Armin Luistro FSC’s words of encouragement and challenge for the participants of the third LEAD Online Community (LOC) Gathering held last 2021 January 22nd.

Taking the more casual format of a question-and-answer (Q&A) activity, the gathering featured some questions solicited from Lasallians all over the District upon pre-registration to the Zoom meeting. Among the 150 responses upon enrolment about what are the major themes that Lasallians in LEAD consider as significant for the next 10 years:

(A) Accompaniment and nurturing relationships among Lasallians to promote the vitality of the Lasallian charism (46.3%), (B) Lasallian Education beyond the classroom and its sustainability (17.1%), (C) Challenges to Lasallian educational communities (17.0%), Promoting Human Fraternity in plural societies (9.5%) and (D) Care of the earth and Lasallians’ role in it (7.3%).

A whole new batch of questions was entertained real-time in the second half of the program, which was dubbed Ask Me Anything. This time the questions, not necessarily falling under any of the categories, were taken from the comments in the Zoom chatbox. Special thanks to Br. Marvin Sipin FSC for being the moderator for this gathering.

In between the two Q&A segments, a break-out session was inserted to give the attendees the opportunity to meet Lasallians from other parts of the District. Since the one-hour engagement was not enough to address all of the queries that were raised, the meeting extended for a bit longer so the Brother Visitor could listen and respond to a couple more questions. Peaking at 113 attendees during the actual Q&A, the gathering is unarguably the most well-accepted by far. As in the first two LOC gatherings, the program was hosted by Ms. Martha Mina, an alumna and faculty of De La Salle Santiago Zobel School (PH). (Text: Br. Emong Viroomal FSC; Photos: Br. Dennis Magbanua FSC)

A total of 90 new members of the staff of our five Lasallian schools gathered on different days in January 2021 for the Lasallian Staff Induction.The session was facilitated by Bros Antonio Cubillas, Collin Wee, Kino Escolano and Nicholas Seet. It comprised listening to the presentations on the Founder and the Lasallian ethos and included sharings by the participants. One common questionraised was the difference between a Lasallian and a non-Lasallian institution. Another was that they were surprised with the internationality of the Lasallian family. Many shared that they appreciated the inclusive nature of our Lasallian community especially with reference to other religions or no religion. (Text: Br. Nicholas Seet FSC; Photos: Br. Antonio Cubillas FSC)


As Malaysia embarks on a new lockdown experience, we in St Xavier’s received the very welcome news that 3 students from SXI bagged all top three places in the senior category of the Robomania 2020 contest. This competition was listed in the 2019 Guinness World Book of Records as the largest robotics competition and is organized by Tech Dome Penang. It aims at promoting interest in robot piloting skills. Our three boys - Joel Ho Han Tzen, 14; Gan Zhong Wen, 14; and Mah Jon Ru, 14 - competed against 158 other students from 31 different schools. Meanwhile, Darren Foo Guo Wei of St Xavier’s Primary School, emerged in second place in the junior category. Special thanks and congratulations to our boys, their parents, the teacher-in-charge Mdm Ten and our dedicated instructors. (Text & Photos: Br. Jason Blaikie FSC)

The winners: Gan Zhong Wen, Joel Ho Han Tzen and Mah Jon Ru
The winners: Gan Zhong Wen, Joel Ho Han Tzen and Mah Jon Ru

Dominic Tan Xin Wei, Gan Zhong Wen, Ten Lee Vui (teacher), Mah Jon Ru, Nitesh Murugesh Kuma
Dominic Tan Xin Wei, Gan Zhong Wen, Ten Lee Vui (teacher), Mah Jon Ru, Nitesh Murugesh Kuma

Congratulations,  Br.  Thomas  Kha  Lee  FSC,  for finishing the module in Certificate in Fundamentals of Substance Use Interventions under the Diploma in  Substance  Use  Interventions  in  De  La  Salle  - College of Saint Benilde!

Congratulations,  Br.  Thomas  Kha  Lee  FSC


Congratulations to Shin Huey on gaining a place at University of Oxford!

We are delighted that she has been rewarded for all her hard work, determination and focus during her time at SJIIM. This is also a testament to the strong support provided by SJIIM for our university applicants and IB students.

We send our best wishes and look forward to hearing all about her Oxford experiences. (St Joseph's Institution International School Malaysia Facebook Page)

Shin Huey IBDP Scholarship

15 January 2021


We are delighted that one of our Class of 2020 IBDP students, namely Ter Shin Huey has successfully gained a place at the University of Oxford!

Shin Huey was one of our students in the founding year. She joined SJIIM in Year 10 in 2016 and achieved excellent IGCSE results of 8 A* grades and 2 A grades in 2018. However, what made Shin Huey such a successful student was not only her academic prowess, but her extraordinary determination to succeed and her flexibility in her thinking. Shin Huey was truly one our model students, who was an example to others that long term academic success that goes beyond the numbers on exam results comes from the willingness to be open minded to new approaches to learning and thinking, and from continually challenging herself.

Shin Huey had originally begun studying A levels for her pre-university studies after completing her IGCSEs at SJIIM. However, she decided to remain at SJIIM to study on the IBDP, after starting her A level studies in the UK and missing the community atmosphere at SJIIM. On her return to SJIIM, she was awarded with an IBDP scholarship, in recognition of her previous contributions to the school and our certainty that she would become an important role model to younger students as well as her peers. She did not disappoint in this, as she always showed herself to be eminently supportive of her fellow students and completely committed to her studies.She never rested on her laurels, even when she gained recognition and achievements, always pushing herself to be even better the next day. When she faced obstacles, she always looked forward to a positive solution.

Outside of the classroom, she is a distinguished volleyball player, having competed at national and international level. Beyond that, she also found time during her studies to work alongside many of her peers in tutoring refugee children, as well as serving as a co-leader of an Investing CCA, and being an important member of the school’s Environmental Club.

We are very proud of her, and are overjoyed that she has been rewarded for all her hard work, determination and focus during her time at SJIIM. This is also a testament to the strong support provided by SJIIM for our university applicants and IB students.

We send our best wishes and look forward to hearing all about her Oxford experiences.

In our Institute, the head man is called the Superior General. He lives at our motherhouse in Rome and his tenure of office is for seven years, renewable. During his tenure, he tries to visit each country where our mission of education is conducted.

It was the turn of Hong Kong for a visit. We made our preparations and everything was ready. The airport at the time was situated at Kai Tak, very close to La Salle College where the Superior would be staying. Three or four of us were delegated to meet him at the airport.

We were in good time and waited -and waited -and waited. There was no sign of the Superior. When we were sure all passengers of his flight had passed through we headed back to the College, scratching our heads.

When we came through the school gate, the first thing we saw was our Superior walking up and down reading a book. It turned out to be the divine office, the book of daily prayers. The security guards, not having been forewarned, had refused to allow him to go up to our residence on the fifth floor. It was considered a ‘no-go’ area without permission.

We were all embarrassed and apologetic. But he soon calmed us down, insisting that the guards were only doing their job and had in fact done a good job. He said he was impressed.

We wondered how we had missed him at the airport. The Superior was well known for being a fast mover. On the way out to the Arrivals Hall he had spotted an exit door and thought it must be the way out. Outside, a taxi happened along and he was soon on his way to the College. He had beaten us to it. I had a sneaking suspicion he was secretly pleased.

No Go Bro

From the book “Light Touches” by Br. Patrick Tierney FSC
Artwork by Mr. Li Tak Po