Brothers’ Time Out!

LEAD Story 353

Indeed, no distance is too far for when we let our zeal and creativity soar. This has been proven when the Pacific Asia Regional Conference (PARC) Young Brothers reimagined the sense of community as they had its virtual community gathering last January 23, 2021 using Zoom. The activity, entitled “Brothers’ Time Out,” was joined by more than thirty-five (35) Young Brothers from all over the Pacific Asia. This activity was the first of a three-part series which has the following objectives: (1) to have a consistent online space where the Young Brothers can meet and share their present experiences; and (2) to make a space for ongoing formation in any aspect of human and Christian growth. For the Brothers’ Time Out, the main focus was the community aspect of the Brothers life; hence , activities were prepared which aimed for the Brothers to simply de-stress and have fun.

In this gathering, which began at 8:00 PM (Philippine time), the Brothers, shared their joys and stories among each other through virtual games during the plenary session and getting-to-know-you activities during the breakout session. Stories were shared, memories were rekindled, and friendly banter abounded as everyone just reconnected to our deeper sense of association as Brothers under one Lasallian identity despite the distance and culture disparities. (Text & Photos: Br. Ivan Umali FSC)