Senior Brothers’ Workshop 2021 Responding Joyfully To Our Continuing Journey

LEAD Story 373

Last October 6 and 7, the Senior Brothers gathered virtually for the annual Senior Brothers Workshop. Due to the challenges of travel, the Zoom session offered insights to the Senior Brothers as to how they can participate in the mission and tackle the different challenges in their age group. Also, the workshop presented a comparison of a survey answered by our group of Senior Brothers and a study group chosen by our facilitators. The results showed that our Brothers responded more positively to the challenges of their age compared to the study group. This result was evident during the break times because of the active conversations and laughter among our Senior Brothers, recalling their shared experiences in the mission and their encounters with one another. The Brothers composing this workshop come from different districts and sectors of the Asia-Pacific.

The sessions were divided into two days, the first was facilitated by Fr. Jordy Orbe S.J., and the second was a lay formator, Ms. Eva K. Galvey. Both sharers are from the Emmaus Center. (Text & Photos: Br. Antonio Cubillas FSC & Br. Miggy Crisostomo FSC)

Some comments from the participants to the following question: What is your key takeaway from this workshop? What are your main learnings?

  1. Though I am aged I am with my community of Brothers. My spiritual strength is increasing. I have to accept my present status and act accordingly.
  2. We do not leave things to date/chance, we should plan for and look forward to our senior years when we are still fit and well.
  3. Joyful life is possible for anyone going through 60+
  4. Appreciating the fact that we live in Community, where in the majority of cases ALL are accepted for who they ARE, and not for what they DO!
  5. It was wonderful to know that I am part of a diverse group of Brothers in the South East Asian region. It was the first time that I had been present with such a large, international number of Brothers of roughly the same age as myself. I am impressed with the energy, experience and wisdom that is evident in the group, especially visible in the answers that were given to the survey conducted and analyzed by the presenters. I am impressed with the group's power to reflect on the lessons of a long life of ministry.