LEAD Story 375

The De La Salle Brothers and Sisters and the Lasallian Family in Thailand are grateful for the 70 productive years of Lasallian presence there.

Br. Benedict Chaiwat Phanomworachai FSC designed the logo for this year's celebration. The logo has different elements.

1951-2021 is seen in the number "7" in the design, representing the 70th year of La Salle's unwavering excellent education in Thailand. The number "0" comprises Thai iconography, Kranok patterns, and the silhouette of the first missionary Brothers to arrive in Nakhon Sawan railway station in 1971.

The Bamboo School 2 project is part of the celebration and launch of the De La Salle Brothers' new mission of giving a human and Christian education to the marginalized in Thailand. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC; Logo: De La Salle Brothers Thailand Facebook Page)

Congratulations Br. Jeano Endaya FSC, Br. Ivan Umali FSC and Br. Mico de Leon FSC for passing the September 2021 Licensure Examination for Teachers!

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The LEAD Online Community Gathering 6 was last November 12, 2021. On paper, there were Lasallians from 18 countries. During the meeting, there were 112 enthusiastic participants from uncountable places since we were unable to confirm from where they were joining us from.

Br. Ernest Miller FSC from the District of DENA (District of Eastern North America) and member of the Preparatory Commission for the 46th General Chapter, kindly accepted the invitation to facilitate the formation session for the General Chapter Series: Building New Paths to Transform Lives. From Paris to Rome. A 26-year Journey to Transform Lives. A story of Br. Gabriel Drolin FSC, one of the first Brothers and key collaborator to St. La Salle in the foundation of the Institute.

Since May 30, 1694, 328 years ago, the General Chapter has been the highest decision-making body of our Lasallian Mission. In particular, over the last three years, Lasallians across the globe have contributed hours of reflections, meetings to listen and propose what is important for the future and sustainability of the Lasallian Mission.

Continuing the preparation from our LEAD District with some other Lasallians in PARC and other sectors of the Institute, Br. Ernest emphasized three movements in the Lasallian Story of Br. Gabriel, a participant in the very first General Chapter:

  1. Gabriel Drolin: an educator in faith
  2. Lasallian cultural wealth: uncover and recollect.
  3. The arc of Lasallian of Education: an evolving praxis

Br. Gabriel represents how Lasallian Pedagogy is carried out: commitment to education, together and by association and seeking justice for the world through education. Lasallian Pedagogy is an expression of charism, spirituality, and mission.

Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 4.52.28 PM.png

In uncovering and recollecting the wealth of our Lasallian culture, the word mission is defined for us by Brother Jose Cervantes FSC , as an ‘activity which expresses the charism and actualizes the spirituality’. The moral arc of Lasallian education is long, but it bends towards justice. It is a purposeful activity which we do reflectively and it is deliberate and imaginative. It calls us to NOT be neutral for what we do and who we do it for.

The overall message of Brother Ernest is that we are all called to be a sign of the reign of God, to bring faith to life and life to faith.

Thank you, Br. Ernest for making the effort to participate in the meeting even though it was 3.30am in Philadelphia! (Text: Ms. Coreen Paul & Br. Antonio Cubillas FSC; Photos: Br. Antonio Cubillas FSC)

THAILAND – Following the Covid-19 protocols, the De La Salle Brothers, pre-postulants, and Miguel House students assembled for the first time last November 20 to remember and pray for the souls of the Lasallian family in Thailand. It began with a solemn eucharistic ceremony at the Chanthaburi Catholic Cemetery, followed by a humble prayer service prepared by the pre-postulants in front of Br. Victor Gil FSC's tomb.

Br. Joseph Mertz FSC and Br. Brendan Feeney FSC are both interred at the same Catholic cemetery. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC; Photos: Mr. Martin Puri Manaswipawee)

PHILIPPINES - The Brothers in the Philippines organized a vocation gathering entitled “Becoming Brothers”, which is a vocation promotion campaign which directly promotes the vocation of the De La Salle Brothers. The event is the culmination of an attempt to promote the Brothers’ vocation through online advertisement. The goal was to gather men who are already curious about the life, and who are already discerning their call in life. Twenty-three (23) young men, mostly young professionals unaffiliated with the La Salle network, joined the event. The first session, facilitated by Br. Mark Basan FSC, was a detailed presentation of the life of the Founder and how he also said “YES” in his life. The second session had a breakout format where the participants joined the Brothers in sharing their own story of saying “Yes, Bro!” too. The second Becoming Brothers vocation gathering is in March 2022. (Text: Br. Weegee Enriquez FSC; Photo: Br. Carlo Rementilla FSC)

SINGAPORE - Brother Armin made his canonical (annual official) visit to the two Singapore Brothers communities. Saint Joseph’s on November 3 and 5 and St. Patrick’s on November 8 and 11 via Zoom. After his individual reddition (interview) with each Brother, he held a dialogue session with the whole community. The Brothers were very grateful to receive a personal and community letter from Brother Visitor. (Text: Br. Michael Broughton FSC & Br. Antonio Cubillas FSC; Photo: Br. Antonio Cubillas FSC)

THAILAND – The Brothers community is now Covid-19 free and secure! After being gone from the community for two months due to Covid-19 infection and recovery, La Salle Sampran Brothers and candidates enthusiastically greet Br. Kan with a costume party. The entire community gets together with enjoyable activities such as games and karaoke, cook special food, and dress up as in their favorite movie or as Halloween characters. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC; Photos: Br. Stephen Pichit Wedcharak FSC)


The LEAD IFB 9 was held last 2021 October 16, via Zoom. Among the matters discussed was the calendar for renewal of vows. After listening to feedback from the young Brothers and communities, the IFB proposed to extend the time for discernment between the application and renewal of vows. Another matter discussed was late vocations to the Brothers, i.e., 40- year-old and older candidates. This matter concerning older vocations is still open for comments and suggestions. (Text: Br. Antonio Cubillas FSC)

HONG KONG – In order to help students build a healthy, safe, and positive life, our school, Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) Primary School (CSKPS), joins the LEAP Programme every year. The LEAP Programme offers sequential, health based, age appropriate and interactive drug education programmes to students. Students enjoy learning the programmes with Harold the giraffe very much.

Besides the in-class programmes, our students also join the online learning programmes to further extend their learning. We are happy to see that our students are fully engaged in all the learning activities and get positive learning results. As a result of being one of the schools all over Hong Kong that had the most number of students participating in the program, all CSKPS students received a pedometer as a gift. (Text & Photos: Ms. Samdy Fong - CSKPS Teacher)

MALAYSIA - This week, a group of SJIIM students led a Christian session to mark the beginning of Advent. High School students were invited to pray, discuss, and create whilst reflecting on the Advent values of hope, peace, love, faith, and joy. From making Christingles to crafting origami doves, Christian students had the opportunity to work together, pray together and most importantly, be together. Wishing the SJIIM community a blessed Advent.

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Another historic event was held on 9 October 2021 with the gathering of more than seventy (70) Brothers, alumni, former students and lay partners at the 1st LEAD Alumni Online Gathering, entitled "Be The Miracle". Br. Armin Luistro FSC delivered the keynote address. In his inspirational talk “You are all Part of the Miracle!” he said "it is my hope and prayer that our Lasallian alumni will re-engage with us, will re-imagine how best we - partners, women and men, and Brothers - working together so that we create many more opportunities to open up the educational ministry to many more, who are outside of our own campuses and those who need our help."

The online event is one of two responses to the call of the Brother Visitor of the Lasallian East Asia District (LEAD) and as mandated by the 3rd District Chapter for the LEAD Mission Council to strengthen the bond among Lasallian alumni and former students and to promote their active participation and involvement in the Lasallian Mission.

In response to this call and mandate, the LEAD Mission Council organized the LEAD Alumni Organizing Committee composed of representatives from the seven countries. Among the members of the LAOC are:

LEAD Alumni Organizing Committee

After a series of online meetings, two (2) projects were identified and agreed to be adopted and promoted:

  • Organize the 1st LEAD Alumni Online Gathering and
  • Adopt and support the La Salle Mae Hong Son, a new Lasallian school in Northern Thailand, near the border of Myanmar, in the district of Khun Mae La.

The Primary Objectives of the alumni gathering are:

  • To deepen understanding of the Lasallian Identity (who we are) and the Mission.
  • To promote the Lasallian alumni’s active involvement and participation in the Lasallian Mission.
  • To foster fellowship and camaraderie among LEAD Alumni.

Secondary Objectives:

  • To foster and promote the One La Salle spirit of fraternity and brotherhood/sisterhood among LEAD alumni and former students. To develop a sense of belonging as Lasallians in the mission.
  • To become aware of and accept to collaborate with other Lasallian alumni and former students in East Asia particularly in adopting a common project.

On 9 October 2021, the 1st LEAD Alumni Online Gathering was held with more than seventy (70) Lasallian alumni and former students attended. Some seventy-eight Lasallians registered to participate.

The event was held via Zoom video conferencing and was live streamed using the LEAD and DLSAA Facebook accounts. Full video recording of the event is available at: DLSAA FB https://fb.watch/8ycx6xC3oV/ and LEAD FB https://fb.watch/9qYOfriXtw/.

During the gathering, Br. Joseph Dat Hoang FSC presented the proposed La Salle Mae Hong Son project. This newest La Salle school will be built in northern Thailand near the Myanmar border to benefit the hill tribe people of Thailand, many of them were migrants from Myanmar who have become local residents.


The LEAD Alumni Organizing Committee, represented by one of its members, Mr. Rupert Gwee, President of the Patrician Society, the alumni association of Saint Patrick’s School (Singapore) and also a member of the Christian Brothers School Board of Management, presented the La Salle Mae Hong Son donation plan, a fund-raising program to assist and support the proposed school.

The participants were also informed of the development of the La Salle Mae Hong Son microsite <http://www.lasalle-lead.org/lsmhs/>, located as part of the LEAD website. It contains a rich collection of information regarding the proposed school, its location in the province of Mae Hong Son, Thailand, in the district of Khun Mae La, the main beneficiaries and the Lasallian Mission.


The LEAD alumni participants agreed to adopt the LSMHS project with alumni federations and associations, old boys and girls clubs, will provide support and assistance to make the La Salle Mae Hong Son school a reality, to benefit countless young men and women of the hill tribe.