LEAD Story 324

The Lasallian East Asia District (LEAD) Visitor, Br. Armin Luistro FSC, had his canonical visit to the Brothers of 1911 and House of Studies (HOST) Community last January 16- 19, 2020. For a series of days, he met the Brothers individually, asked how they were, and updated them about the movements of the institute, the district, and the sector.

In his community dialogue with the Brothers of the House of Studies, Br. Armin presented to the community the current state and the possible future of the Institute. He also shared his vision of the Brothers of the district to be “Brothers beyond borders.”

Br. Armin invites the LEAD Brothers to recognize the seven sectors as one unit rather than individual sectors. "We have to move into witnessing the fact that we are not Brothers of one culture. We are Brothers that share various cultures and languages, and that would be the essence of our fraternity." He further adds, "If we want the Institute to respond to the merging need and the call of a globalizing world, we need to recognize that vocations are not for one sector alone." He also encourages the Brothers to promote vocations and open their doors, and not to limit themselves to the traditional schools within our sector alone. Rather, the Brothers are urged to be open to areas where possible vocations can emerge. One of the targets of LEAD is to encourage Brothers and Lasallian partners to be volunteers for the mission of the Institute, a program for “Brothers without borders." In the end, Br. Armin, invites the Brothers to keep thinking “LEAD” and be open towards becoming a "Brother of the World."

The LEAD PDT met for the second time on 17th January 2020 at the Hotel Benilde, in Manila. Br. Sockie de la Rosa, Director of Professional Development, presided and in attendance were Mr Jay Gervasio (Chair of the Mission Council), Br Gus Boquer (LEAD Bursar ) , Br Mikey Cua (LEAD Chief Information Officer), Mr Jyron Raz (LEAD Youth Coordinator). Br. Francisco Chadang (District Secretary) gave advanced input because he could not make it to the meeting.

Dr. Ramon Segismundo with many years of experience as President of Meralco Power Academy and currently working as President and COO, Hijo Group of Companies and CEO, 1-HR.X Pte. Ltd., gave input to the team.

The PDT looked at a long term goal which ensures there is proper leadership succession and a pool of leaders, both lay and Brothers to sustain the Lasallian Mission. The team also talked about their short term task of supporting Brothers who plan to go on postgraduate studies. The team’s ambition is for all Brothers to have a Master’s degree before the end of Brother Visitor’s term.

The task of leadership succession may seem challenging but by careful planning, collection and analysis of data, financial support, and finding a good balance between the short term needs of ministry vis-a-vis the need for a Brother to have time and space for studies, it can be done.


The team would like to thank Ms. Alou Anteneo and Mr. Jyron Raz for making arrangements at Hotel Benilde. (Text & Photos: Br. Sockie de la Rosa FSC)

Together as one! For this time of assembly, we were very happy to have Brs. Josaphat and Lucas from Myanmar joining us in the activities. We would like to pay our gratitude to Brs. Antonio and Joseph Klong who accompanied us throughout the assembly.

As we come together in the assembly, from 18-21 January, we met with the Initial Formation Board (IFB) on January 18. The meeting was very meaningful in the sense of becoming together as one LEAD.

On Monday, 20 January, we were able to meet Brs. Felipe and Antonio as the representatives from the Leadership Team. Br. Felipe shared his insights and encouraged the Young Brothers in Myanmar and Thailand to enrich the mission in our respective Sectors as well as to go beyond the borders. Very late in the morning, we traveled to Pak Chong District where we shared our mutual happiness. We went to the amusement park called Thong Somboon Farm. There we had to challenge our accuracy of shooting the laser guns. Surprisingly, after the game, Br. John Pongpat got the first place in the rank. We continued enjoying ourselves in the many activities there.

As we come together as one, the assembly invites us to work “together and by association” regardless of the obstacles and difficulties we encounter. (Text: Br. Matthew Thawatchai FSC; Photos: Brs. Antonio Cubillas FSC, John Worawut FSC, and John Pongpat FSC)





I have always been curious how people outside truly perceive our school. While it is said that the school is well known, I was lucky to have witnessed how a television company covered and told the story about our school to the public. As far as I know, we did not pay anything for this nationwide program so I thought that it was a good chance for an objective appreciation. The 2-hour special program by BS TV Tokyo was called, ‘The名門校:日本全国すごい学校名鑑’ (The prestigious school: a list of Japan’s amazing schools). The teaser online said, “Many famous schools are not just schools with high numerical standards. We will show you the school’s teaching styles, rules, facilities, extra-curricular activities, and alumni network. We will also show you the secrets of super high schools such as Kaisei and La Salle. Discover the foundation behind the amazing high schools who currently shape not only universities but also modern Japan!” So last January 5, I rushed home just so I could catch the show at 7:00 p.m.

Five schools were featured – Hokurei HS (Sapporo), Yokohama Suiran HS, Kaisei HS and Seijo HS (both in Tokyo) and fortunately of course, our school in the far-flung city of Kagoshima. The school feature started with the boys happily singing the school anthem aboard the ship for a field trip and of course it showed interviews and snaps of the students’ daily life in school. They talked to famous alumni (a former government minister, a corporation president) and a doctor who was an alumnus and our current PTA Chairman. His father was also an old boy and his son currently studies in the school. He said he loves the school because it is in the rural area (maybe because the atmosphere allows students to concentrate on studying), and that because of the diversity of students who come from various prefectures, many experiences are possible.

One interesting point I thought they highlighted was how the blackboards are very long. I didn't know it was unusual until I watched the show. The students related that tests are very frequent - weekly, especially for the senior high school. The worldwide nature of De La Salle as a religious congregation was also featured and its two schools in in Japan, the other being in Hakodate. As Br. Domingo, the current Principal, showed the Brothers’ House, he was also able to introduce the Founder, and explain the values of Faith, Service and Fraternity (Communion), and ‘family spirit’, a popular invocation in the Japanese Lasallian Family.

A considerable amount of time was spent to feature the dormitory life of more than half of our students. There is a cut-off time for them to exit the dormitory so that they wouldn’t be late in the morning and the camera crew even caught the students who were so late, they were not able to wear their socks properly. It showed the size of the common bath and the scale of the laundry services. They focused on one student who is such a huge fan of a female celebrity, he has covered his walls with her posters and his cabinets with fan stuff. On the other hand, rules in the dormitory were also explained e.g. ban on mobile phones, private TV sets and comic books. When this was said, the hosts of the show seemed surprised. It also showed that while there was mandatory study time at the common area in the evening, some students still continue studying privately in their rooms and even wake up early in the morning to study again for at least two hours.

The ‘other side’ of course was presented, with students enjoying the famous sports festival in the region and the walk around the Sakurajima volcano in December, among other extra curricular activities. The feature ended with meaningful reflections from the students. One said that being in La Salle enabled him to have many amazing experiences. Another said that the dormitory life taught him cooperation, friendship, and brotherhood among his classmates. I wasn’t too sure in the end if any secret to the success has been revealed but I thought that the highlighted parts of the school were of course very noteworthy to the eyes of the Japanese people. Surely, this was a good kick-off to start the year and of course, a beginning reflection as we honor the achievements of the Brothers and Partners who have worked hard ahead of us. May this inspire all members of the Lasallian Family in Japan as we anticipate the 70th Founding Anniversary of La Salle High School in Kagoshima and 60th Anniversary of Hakodate La Salle, both in April of this year!

With faith in the resurrection, we wish to inform the passing of Br. Carl Clayton FSC from the District of Eastern North America (DENA) on 2020 January 30. He spent a school year (2011-2012) in De La Salle Lipa, Philippines, where he helped out in the Institutional Lasallian Formation Office (ILFO).

Eternal rest grant unto Carl, O Lord. And let perpetual light shine upon him. And may the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.


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