2nd Meeting Of The Lead Professional Development

LEAD Story 324

The LEAD PDT met for the second time on 17th January 2020 at the Hotel Benilde, in Manila. Br. Sockie de la Rosa, Director of Professional Development, presided and in attendance were Mr Jay Gervasio (Chair of the Mission Council), Br Gus Boquer (LEAD Bursar ) , Br Mikey Cua (LEAD Chief Information Officer), Mr Jyron Raz (LEAD Youth Coordinator). Br. Francisco Chadang (District Secretary) gave advanced input because he could not make it to the meeting.

Dr. Ramon Segismundo with many years of experience as President of Meralco Power Academy and currently working as President and COO, Hijo Group of Companies and CEO, 1-HR.X Pte. Ltd., gave input to the team.

The PDT looked at a long term goal which ensures there is proper leadership succession and a pool of leaders, both lay and Brothers to sustain the Lasallian Mission. The team also talked about their short term task of supporting Brothers who plan to go on postgraduate studies. The team’s ambition is for all Brothers to have a Master’s degree before the end of Brother Visitor’s term.

The task of leadership succession may seem challenging but by careful planning, collection and analysis of data, financial support, and finding a good balance between the short term needs of ministry vis-a-vis the need for a Brother to have time and space for studies, it can be done.


The team would like to thank Ms. Alou Anteneo and Mr. Jyron Raz for making arrangements at Hotel Benilde. (Text & Photos: Br. Sockie de la Rosa FSC)