LEAD Story 343

PHILIPPINES - We would like to thank Br. Armin Luistro FSC for visiting our Blood Bank yesterday to donate his plasma.

When asked for his message to other potential plasma donors, Br. Armin remarked, "When I learned about the possibility of donating plasma, I said, 'If I recover, I think the least I could do to thank the doctors and the frontliners is to donate my plasma'. I think it would also be a good way of taking care of the patients who come to our hospital here in DLSUMC.”

Br. Armin goes on to say, "I would like to encourage all the other recovered patients of COVID to also think about how meaningful it is to share the new life that God gave us by donating also, and please consider DLSUMC.”

Like Br. Armin, other COVID-recovered individuals can donate plasma to help treat coronavirus patients. Donating plasma is a quick and painless procedure.DLSUMC is the only DOH-accredited Convalescent Plasma (SARCOV-2) collection center in Region IV-A. For inquiries on how to donate plasma, please call (046) 481-8000 or (02) 8988-3100, local 1197.(Text & Photos: De La Salle University Medical Center Facebook Page)

 BAL plasma.jpg

“Hello, colleagues and friends! Many thanks for your concern. I kept my condition very quiet as I did not want to make a big fuss about the matter until my actual condition warrants it. I actually manifested the classic COVID symptoms on Aug 20 (loss of smell, fever, cough, diarrhea, body malaise). I checked myself in DLSUMC in Dasmariñas on the 21st and, thankfully, all my symptoms were mild and I had not experienced shortness of breath or loss of taste. They gave me their COVID protocol treatment (intravenous plus the 3 drugs being tested). By my third day in the hospital, symptoms were gone. My doctor stopped the rest of the treatment on Day 5. I was discharged after my 8th day. God is good! I spent another week on self-quarantine in my bedroom at LSGH. I checked and was given the green light to donate convalescent plasma two days ago. The lab tests show that I had a high level of neutralizing antibodies and I could donate plasma every two weeks as long as the level meets the minimum requirement.” - Br. Armin Luistro FSC

The second LEAD Mission Council (LMC02) meeting was held online, on September 18, 2020, due to continuing health and safety concerns and travel restrictions within the District.

The meeting was attended by all LMC members, including two new appointees, Ms. Coreen Paul (MA) and Ms. Christine Soe Hlaing (MM), along with the initial appointees - Mr. Ed Chua (PH), Mr. Jay Gervasio (PH), Br. Larry Humprhey (SG), Br. Fermin Martinez (JP) and Mr. Paul Tam (HK). Unable to attend was Mr. John Chakrin Poopirom (TH).

The LMC is in the process of organizing its first project, LIVE LEAD - an online video-conference for Young Lasallians in the District. It was reported that some sixty students, coordinators and teachers from ten schools in the District are expected to participate. Scheduled in the first quarter of 2021, this project is expected to promote greater collaboration among Lasallian educational institutions and strengthen bond among Lasallian students in the District. (Text & Photo: Mr. Jay Gervasio)

September 13, 2020. Since arriving in Japan, much has been shared to me about La Salle Gakuen’s taiikusai—the school’s yearly athletics festival. The pictures from before were impressive but I was also sure that having the first-hand experience would be incomparable! However, such excitement was dampened with the threat of the coronavirus as the school year started.

The school’s stakeholders worked together to make sure that the taiikusai pushes through but it was obvious that the same taiikusai would take on a “different face” for this year. With the understanding and cooperation of everyone, measures had to be taken to prevent a coronavirus infection. The taiikusai would be closed for outside guests, including the students’ families and friends.

This “different face” did not seem to bother anyone during the day. It was “refreshing” to see our students outside of their classrooms and out in the sun. The games were fun and competitive. The families and friends watching via livestream were in for a treat since the students gave quite a spectacle during the cheering competition that they can be truly proud of!

This year, the white team won against the red team but the real winners for this year’s taiikusaiwere the La Salle Gakuen’s students who did not give in to the uncertainty and fear surrounding them but rather showed their zeal to celebrate and live the Lasallian Family Spirit! (Text: Br. Nico Mariano FSC; Photos: La Salle Japan Facebook Page)



On September 6, 2020, the nine Brothers from St. Joseph’s Institution and St. Patrick’s communities gathered at St. Patrick’s for their sector gathering. It has been a tradition in Singapore that Brothers from two communities convene on the first Sunday of every month. This month’s gathering is something special because of four reasons: the birthday celebration for Br. Nicholas Seet FSC and Br. Michael Broughton FSC, the retirement from school of Br. Nicholas, and welcoming for Br. Kino Escolano FSC who joined the St.Patrick’s Community last August.

As the chair of directors’ association in Singapore, Br. Nicholas presided over the meeting and facilitated a short personal sharing. This gathering becomes an opportunity to share with each other our short reflection from the past month, talk about important matters about the sector, give updates about each community and celebrate fraternity in a simple meal fellowship. Each community takes turn in hosting the gathering. Next month’s venue would be in the SJI Community. (Text & Photos: Br. Kino Escolano FSC)

Sector Gathering

On 2020 September 13, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore celebrated the Catholic Education Mass 2020, in celebration of 168 years of Catholic Education in Singapore. The virtual Mass was presided by Fr. Adrian Danker, SJ, St. Joseph’s Institution’s ( SJI ) principal. Select students from different schools, including our La Salle schools, participated as readers and members of the choir.

It starts with a short history of Catholic Education in Singapore followed by the Mass.

Excerpts from the Article:

SINGAPORE - Mr Rahman Sanip, 45, with Dr. S Chandrasekaran, 60, head of McNally School of Fine Arts at Lasalle College of the Arts. Mr Rahman, a former drug addict who developed his passion for art while he was in prison, is pursuing a fine arts diploma and hopes to be an art teacher or work as a display artist one day.

Source: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/school-is-a-draw-for-ex-convict-45-with-teachers-support

Mr Rahman Sanip

PHILIPPINES - On 29–30 August, the 1911 Community in Manila enjoyed a double celebration for their Director, Br. Martin Sellner FSC. Br. Marty turned 83 years old on Saturday and the party featured his favorite Filipino dishes such as soup number five, lechon, crispy pata, and pansit. Lechon was also the theme of his birthday cake and the community gifted him with a cap that had a lechon image embroidered on it. During the communion service, Br. Marty renewed his religious vows as he also commemorated his 65th Jubilee Anniversary as a De La Salle Brother. Sunday lunch was paella and lengua prepared two ways. Desert was a special rum cake baked by Br. Marty himself. You can actually watch him making the cake in his Facebook video, “Kitchen Chemistry.” Even during this pandemic, Br. Marty keeps himself active and busy. Early before dawn, he exercises by stair climbing and greets the sunrise on the roof deck of one of the buildings of DLSU. As of this writing, he manages to climb 90 floors three times a week and continues to increase it by two more every week. Aside from his cross stitch and chemistry classes for the Brothers, he has become increasingly popular in social media for his TikTok videos and for completing his two-decade project, which is a cross stitch of the Periodic Table o f Elements. Many local and international news organization srecently featured Br. Marty because o f his inspiring accomplishments. (Text & Photos: Br. Richie Yap FSC, Br. Martin Sellner FSC)

Br. Marty

Br. Marty

PHILIPPINES - On 29 August 2020, the Discerners gathered online to formally begin their discernment journey with the De La Salle Brothers this year. General guidelines, principles, and accompaniment plans were laid out to have a clearer sense of their discernment year towards a well-reflected and well-informed decision on their vocation in life.

Let us pray for these young men who have responded to the challenge of going deeper into their lives with the hope of encountering the One who carefully but constantly says, "It is I, do not be afraid.”

Live Jesus in our hearts! (Text & Photos: Br. Weegee Enriquez FSC)

Congratulations to Br. Jeano Endaya FSC for being granted admission to Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) for his Masters Degree in Sociology.

All the best, Br. Jeano!


The LEAD Provincialate in Hong Kong, consisting of the Brother Visitor’s OfMice, Secretary’s OfMice, and Conference Room, were blessed by Fr. Ambrose Mong on 2011 October 01 in the presence of the District Council and members of the Lasallian Family in Hong Kong.