Vocations Ministry Office
De La Salle Brothers Philippines
Vocations Ministry has taken a unique role in the context of Lasallian institutions around the world, inspiring more and more Lasallians to recognize God’s spirit in their lives, and to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in the footsteps of John Baptist de La Salle.

With the world’s health crisis affecting the country’s Lasallian vocations ministry, the Vocations Ministry Office of the De La Salle Brothers of the Philippines in the Lasallian East Asia District, led by the Spirit of the Institute, seeks to continue what has already been established and to endeavor uncharted waters in vocations ministry as a response to the signs of the times, and in faithfulness to the mission of providing human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor.

In particular, the VMO seeks to transform the digital platform into a tool where all Lasallian vocations are promoted, an avenue where there is an intentional expression of the call to the Brothers’ consecrated life, and a platform where all who labor for vocations ministry can accompany one another on the journey.

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