SXI Virtual Charity Drive 2021

LEAD Story 370

MALAYSIA - St Xavier's has this long tradition of practising "concern for the poor and social justice" in its own way. In the early days it was, 'bring some rice and canned food for the poor'. It then morphed into 'let's all cook something and sell it to others for a profit and then donate the money to the poor [usually St Joseph's Orphanage and Little Sisters of the Poor home for the aged]. Then it morphed again to do the same and more [game stalls, etc] for one week. This year 2021, it had to take on another form because of the pandemic - online sales of merchandise and sale of food for one month. I would say it was the most successful Charity Drive in the history of the programme as we managed to collect RM 78,000 [about USD 18,000]. The Board has decided that the funds will be disbursed to the usual recipients and also to the poor students within the school community. (Text: Br. Jason Blaikie FSC; Photo: St Xavier's Boards of Governors Facebook Page)

Ever wonder how many La Salle Brothers lived and taught in SXI since 1852?

In line with the 170th Anniversary of SXI, Br. Jason and company went to research for it. They checked the old and new registers and compiled the list. To know the answer, click on the image below to view the short video on YouTube.