LSPS Wins Awards In The 2021 HK Youth Music Interflows

LEAD Story 381

HONG KONG – The String Orchestra and the Chinese Orchestra of La Salle Primary School (LSPS) have captured a Gold Award and a Silver Award respectively in the 2021 Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows. The String Ensemble performed the set piece named “Hungarian Dance No. 5” by Johannes Brahms and arranged by Merle J. Isaac. The Chinese Ensemble performed the piece of own choice named “塔塔爾民歌” arranged by Mr. Ng Chiu Shing.

Even in times of difficulty, the two teams continue to strive. In the past two years, the orchestras have been practicing virtually over Zoom, where students had to take turns playing for one another. This year, the competitions ran in a video submission mode due to the epidemic situation and the control measures in force. Following the guidelines by the Education Bureau, the orchestras were finally able to rehearse synchronously in person before the competitions. Despite all the challenges and limitations, the performances by the two ensembles were nevertheless praiseworthy. Students have shown remarkable perseverance and resilience throughout their music practices and performances under the epidemic, and they have once again proven that their enthusiasm for music is unbreakable. (Text & Photos: Ms. Chandni Rakesh - LSPS Principal)

Senior String Orchestra.jpg