Br. Edmon Professes Final Vows

LEAD Story 391

HONG KONG - We Hong Kong Lasallians are truly blessed as we could be part of, not just one, but two Final Profession of Vows within a year since half a century ago. Following the Eucharistic celebration of Br Paolo in December last year, on 30 July 2022, Br Edmon Viroomal made the rite of his final vows.

With the live broadcast and the presence of Br Edmon's family, friends as well as Hong Kong Lasallians, we all shared this utmost precious milestone together. We are grateful for Br Edmon's commitment to the Lasallian Family. We are all looking forward to working with Br Edmon in association for the educational service of the poor and be more inspired to embrace our role in the ministry of teaching minds and touching hearts. (Text: Ms. Alice Lau - CSKPS Vice Principal; Photos: Jeffrey Or)