Butitin Family Day 2022

LEAD Story 399

MALAYSIA - After two years of muted celebrations due to Covid-19, the annual Butitin Family Day has returned along with several activities. This year the simple celebration was held on 29th October 2022. De La Salle Butitin (DLSB) is a students hostel and accommodates students from surrounding remote localities. Aside from thanksgiving, the celebration was also to foster cooperation and collaboration between, DLSB and the Lasallian family which includes the parents, alumni and our benefactors.

Recognizing the importance of collaboration with parents in improving learning outcomes for the boarders, the programme started with a two-hour session with parents. Inputs were given by Brother Egbertus, Mr. Francis Vincent Tahip and Mr. Richie Japar on Lasallian education and the importance of a healthy and strong partnership between parents and the hostel staff. It continued with a dialogue between DLSB staff and the parents.

In the opening speech the chairman of the Butitin’s Board of Management, Datuk Johnny Kulai emphasized that collaboration between parents and the staff of DLSB becomes a catalyst to improve boarders’ academic achievement, work habits, social skills, and emotional well-being.

Singing the Alma Mater and cultural presentations from the boarders were very much appreciated by the guests. The boarders prepared some dishes while parents and alumni also brought different varieties of foods. The sharing of food has given opportunity for the guests and the boarders to experience a real-time conversation and bonding. (Text & Photo: Br. Egbertus Joikul FSC)