LEAD Story 299

The 3rd Chapter for the Lasallian East Asia District was held at the Mahatai Hotel and Convention Center (Redemptorist Center) in Pattaya, Thailand from 28th April to 30th April, 2019. The Chapter President, by right, was Brother Visitor, Edmundo Fernandez. The Chapter Coordinator who handled the program and flow was Br. Ricky Laguda. In attendance were 37 chapter delegates, 10 of whom were members by right (Auxiliary Visitors and Council members). The main work of the chapter was deciding on the revision of the District Statutes, endorsement of the acts of the District Mission assembly, and providing strategic directions (i.e. Chapter resolutions). At the end of the Chapter, a solemn turnover ceremony was held for the incoming Visitor, Br. Armin. It was at this point that Br. Armin announced the new members of the District Council.

Thank you to Br. Ricky and the Steering Committee for the efficient work and the Brothers of Thailand for the wonderful hospitality! (I’ve outlined the strategic directions below):


Lasallian Leaders, Formators, and all Lasallians
Deepen the commitment of Lasallian leaders, formators, and all Lasallians by developing a vision and plan for their formation after assessing existing formation programs being offered at different levels (Institute, Region, District, Sector, Institutions).

Mission Council(s)
Establish the District Mission Council as mandated by the District Statues 2.6 and ensure that all sectors have a functional mission council in order to address their specific needs.

Quality of Education and Lasallian Identity
Initiate a District-wide conversation on the current state and quality of education in our Lasallian institutions, both formal and non formal, and propose steps to address new challenges in education (21st century education, global trends in education, etc.)


Missionary District: Brothers without Borders
Design a structured preparation and formation plan for Brothers being sent outside their own sectors, as well as, for receiving sectors to be favorably disposed to accept the Brothers.

Culture of Vocations
Formulate a District-wide Vocation Promotion and Formation plan.

Community Animation
Assess the quality of community life in order to sustain and promote quality community living.

Care for Senior Brothers
Reiterate the 2.3 resolution of the 2nd LEAD Chapter


Organization Design
Review and define the roles of Auxiliary Visitors and Sector Leaders after a period of planning by the District Leadership team.

Financial Transparency and Accountability
Ensure transparency and accountability of Lasallian ministries and communities at all levels with regard to sources and uses of funds.

2nd Mission Assembly Report
The 3rd LEAD Chapter endorses the document “Acts of the 2nd LEAD Mission Assembly” to the Executive Team as part of their planning.