LEAD Story 359

Br. Robert "Bob" Schieler FSC, Superior General of the Brothers, gives his message on the occasion of Lasallian East Asia District's (LEAD) 10th Anniversary.

Bringing together Lasallians in the 16 La Salle schools in the Philippines, the 4th Lasallian (LS) Visions 2021 celebrated the “giftedness” of the Lasallian Partners through prayer service, games and several performances, conducted virtually via Zoom, on April 30. The program became even more special as the Lasallian community also commemorated the 370th birthday of St. John Baptist De La Salle, the Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

Br. Edmon “Emong” Viroomal FSC, Head of the Lasallian Visions 2021 Online Gathering Committee, highlighted the significant roles of the Lasallian Partners who have tirelessly contributed and shared their “giftedness” to the success of the final LS Visions 2021 online gathering.

“They (respective Lasallian Coordinators) have been the unsung heroes of this gathering,” said Br. Emong, lauding the involvement of the secretaries/coordinators of each La Salle school around the Philippines. Br. Emong further expressed his gratitude to the participants who prayed and read the Identity Criteria and interacted during the previous online gatherings. “At the end of the day, this is not only a discussion if we understood the Declaration or if we have used the Identity Criteria, but rather there is a more essential discussion on how we engage with our fellow Lasallians,” said Br. Emong in Filipino, as he explains the relevance of the virtual event. He further hoped that the two Lasallian documents that distinguish Lasallian Identity will be embedded in the Lasallian educational endeavors for the vitality of these ministries.

“Giftedness” of Lasallian Partners
Responding to the call of DLSP on living out the Identity Criteria among Lasallian Institutions, select La Salle schools showcased performances demonstrating their “giftedness.”

Schools that presented performances included La Salle University (LSU) Ozamiz, De La Salle – College of St. Benilde (DLS-CSB), De La Salle – Bataan (DLSB), De La Salle Lipa (DLSL), De La Salle University (DLSU), De La Salle University – Dasmarinas, and La Salle Green Hills (LSGH).

Each school brought different performances from solo song performances and spoken word poetry to group song, dance and theater numbers, underlining the Identity Criteria that they are assigned to in their presentations. In between the performances, everybody participated in exciting games.

Part of a Miracle
Earlier in the program, Br. Ricky Laguda FSC urged Lasallian Partners to be part of the “miracle.” “For St. La Salle, from the time we were born, we have been part of God’s miracle,” said Br. Ricky. He also echoed the words of St. La Salle reminding Lasallians of the “miracles” they can perform to themselves and their actions everyday. According to Br. Ricky, the Lasallians’ participation to the LS Visions 2021 is a manifestation of “taking part of the miracle.”

“This is our vision, our passion, and our future—to be part of God’s miracle and to be a miracle for others,” said Br. Ricky. “You are capable of making a miracle,” was his inspiring final message.


A Special Celebration
Meanwhile, the 4th Lasallian Visions 2021 was celebrated along with the 370th birthday of the Patron Saint of all Teachers, St. John Baptist De La Salle, who was also the Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

As part of the special tribute, Lasallian schools and other Lasallian partners prepared special birthday cakes for St. La Salle, offering well-wishes while virtually singing a birthday song.

The Lasallian Visions 2021 is a project initiated by Young Brothers of the Philippines for Lasallian Partners all over the country to engage in dialogue among each other and share reflections on the recent Institute documents, the Declaration on the Lasallian Educational Mission and the Identity Criteria for the Vitality of Lasallian Educational Ministries.

The Identity Criteria is a document that serves as an instrument to assess the identity and vitality of the Lasallian education institutions on the areas of Responding to Needs, The Educational Community, Accompaniment, Historical and Foundational Support, Culture of Quality, and Strategic Management. (Text: Mr. Jackjun Caupayan - Faculty, La Salle University Ozamiz (PH); Photo: LS Visions Facebook Page)

On 28 April the Lasallian Family in Singapore had another session of Wednesdays with La Salle. This virtual gathering was inspired by the Lasallian Year of St Joseph. Br Paul Mata FSC facilitated the session. Inputs and inspiration were taken from the message of Pope Francis on the World Day of Vocations called “St. Joseph: The Dream of Vocations.” Attendees were from Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. (Text: Br. Paul Mata FSC; Photos: Br. Antonio Cubillas FSC & Mr. Genesius Chan)

Here are some of the reflections from the participants:

“I have always looked forward to WWLS sessions, though I could not attend them all. I finally got to attend one on St Joseph. Firstly, during these times, it is wonderful and refreshing to be able to "gather" with fellow Lasallians from Malaysia and Philippines. One thing that moved me was the way Joseph was open to God's plan. He was attuned to God's voice, just as Barnabas was, when Paul wanted to join the Christians. Secondly, his willingness to change his plans and to take risks, once again like Barnabas who had the courage and took a risk to approach Paul. Listening to fellow Lasallians' sharings, I felt encouraged to be more attuned, to take risks, to go out to serve. From this simple session, I felt community, we do not do the work alone ... together and by association ...” - Mr Genesius Chan, St Joseph’s Institution, Singapore

“The input and sharings are really uplifting and encouraging; I emerged a more vibrant Catechist.”- Ms. Josephine Lee, SMK St Joseph, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

"Even in the midst of difficulties and uncertainties, St. Joseph tirelessly protected Mary and Jesus. He endured all things in silence and with great faith in God. As a Lasallian educator, I am inspired to emulate his dedication as I serve and accompany those entrusted under my care.- Mr. Noel Banawis, La Salle Green Hills, Philippines



In his small way, Br. Armin Luistro FSC, the Brother Visitor, accepted the challenge of the #MoveLEAD2021. He even took it to another level by spelling out "LEAD" across the field of La Salle Green Hills! (Text: Mr. Jyron Raz; Photos: Br. Armin Luistro FSC)

Challenge yourself today and join #MoveLEAD2021


St. Mutien Marie-Wiaux FSC (Louis Wiaux) was a De La Salle Brother from Belgium who was canonized as a Saint of the Catholic Church on December 10, 1989. He grew up in a religious family and eventually answered the call to become a Brother of the Christian Schools. St. Mutien encountered many difficulties in his time as a teacher and prefect of discipline, but with much training and formation he eventually became an effective teacher, a vigilant prefect in the school yard, a catechist in the nearby parish, and a tremendous influence on the students by his patience and evident piety. He was known to spend whatever time he could before the tabernacle or at the grotto of Our Lady. Among the Brothers, it was said that he had never been seen violating even the smallest points in their Rule. After his death at Malonne, his fame began to spread through Belgium, where many miracles were attributed to him. His relics may be venerated in Malonne at the shrine built in his honor after his canonization. (https://www.lasalle.org/en/lasallian-holiness/saint-mutien-marie-wiaux/)

Inspired by the life and holiness of St. Mutien-Marie, the De La Salle Brothers of the Philippines seek to build a community of believers who are dedicated to constantly pray for the intentions of people from different walks of life.

You may pray with us by joining our Mutien Marie Faith Community or by sending your prayer requests. You may refer to the photo for the respective methods. Those who registered in the earlier invitation are requested to register again through the methods shown as well, since the Community will only be present in Viber.

May our mission bear fruit in the lives of those we pray for, and may God grant abundant fruit in our own lives now and in His time.

Live Jesus in our hearts, Forever! (Text: Br. Weegee Enriquez FSC)