Songkran Traditional Act

LEAD Story 408

THAILAND - The De La Salle Brothers and Sisters of Thailand Sector wrapped up the Holy Week retreat with a simple yet meaningful Songkran (Thai New Year) traditional act.

This act is called “Rót nám dam hǔa” (รดน้ำดำหัว), which is the act of pouring scented water with flowers into the elders’ palms. In Thai custom, this act signifies gratitude and honor and it is a means of asking elders’ blessings for the new year.

After a few days, the young Brothers and prepostulants arranged an event to honor and appreciate the elders in their community. Br. Joe Klong FSC, the community director, requested in his brief message that the young will continue the Songkran custom and must preserve and emphasize the value of respect and giving thanks to the elders. Following the message, the young members of the community poured scented water and flowers into the hands of the elders, as well as the statue of St. John Baptist de La Salle. Afterwards, the young Brothers conducted some enjoyable water games and activities. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC; Photos: Br. Raphael Tanet Lertwaja FSC)