Visiting The Residencia (Pastoral Visit)

LEAD Story 318

I was privileged to live in the Residencia for a few days, starting 24th November 2019, visiting and sharing with the Brothers, ranging from ninety to those in their thirties. Andre is the sprightly ninety-year-old while Richie and Abet are the “young ones.” Mind you I got lost once or twice because there seems to be two of everything, two chapels, two dining rooms and two television rooms. The domestic staff were amused.

An added dimension is the presence of two Brothers from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Alain and Sebastian. They are on their final years of study at the University and are highly appreciative of the opportunities that have come their way.

The care and attention given to the retired and sick Brothers is second to none. It is personalized and detailed. The Brothers and staff do their utmost to ensure that the twilight years are lived with comfort and dignity.

The Brothers who live in the Residencia are gracious and hospitable. They know it is a special place.