Discernment Retreat 1: Trust The Process

LEAD Story 395

PHILIPPINES - Thank you for accompanying us through your prayers during the 1st Discernment Retreat for the year, offered to the Aspirants of the De La Salle Brothers. The whole retreat aimed to encourage our Aspirants to trust the discernment process and to look at the various experiences that may help deepen their understanding of God's invitation and their willingness to respond to God's love.

The retreat was crafted based on the Pilgrim's Handbook of 2019, and centered on the parable of the Pearl of Great Price. Sessions supported the theme by providing experiences and conversations that share and clarify the innermost dynamics related to the discernment of God's presence in one's life and the invitation to share oneself with society.

Special thanks to our Brothers from the La Salle Bacolod Brothers' Community for generously sharing their home with our Aspirants and for giving their time to facilitate some of the sessions. We also thank Brothers Vic and Marvin for coming over and sharing themselves through their respective sessions.

This retreat is the first of three discernment retreats offered to our Aspirants who are willing to dive deeper into the process of discernment towards the life of the De La Salle Brothers.

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