5th LEAD IFB Meeting (IFB5)

LEAD Story 347

The severity of the health crisis has affected some sectors more than others. One common element is travel restrictions and social distancing is still very much in place in all of the sectors of LEAD. The LEAD Initial Formation Board (IFB) was planned to be at the La Salle Novitiate in Lipa, Philippines to interact with the novices. Unfortunately, with the restrictions, the IFB schedules in 2020 and the first meetings of 2021 will be conducted online. On 2020 October 17, the IFB had its regular session. The IFB will follow and study the formation process and activities that are happening in these 8 months since the pandemic started to plan for the future of the formation. It will continue with the positive aspects of the online formation and discern how they can continue to be applied in the future. (Text & Photo: Br. Antonio Cubillas FSC)