Yangon La Salle Centre Online Classes

LEAD Story 345

MYANMAR - All the schools and Education Centres in Myanmar have to take an indefinite break due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A powerful second wave is hitting our country now. Considering new normal realities, the La Salle Centre decided to offer online classes for English Learning Programs for five different levels (Beginner Level, Level 1, 2, 3, and 4). We started our online classes for English Learning Program on 2020 August 12 with a total of 48 students. Our 2-month Weekday Program runs from Monday to Friday for two hours per a day. We also offer a 3-month program for Weekend classes (Saturdays and Sundays) two hours per a day as well. On October 15th, we started a second batch for Online English Learning Program. We hope that we will have a bigger number of students in the second batch because of the reputation we have gained from the 1stbatch. We received much positive feedback from the 1stbatch which is quite encouragingfor us. God bless you all. Stay Safe. (Text & Photos: Br. Joseph Aung FSC)