La Salle Thailand Celebrates Wai Kru Day

LEAD Story 390

THAILAND - Thai students honor their teachers by commemorating Wai Kru Day, also known as Teachers’ Appreciation Day. This traditional Thai ceremony is held at the start of the new academic year to demonstrate respect and thanks for teachers' tireless work. During the celebration, the kids create and present a phan, a traditional Thai tray filled with flowers, candles, popped rice, and other presents.

Our pupils use different gimmicks in our Lasallian schools to show thanks to their teachers. Students from La Salle Bangna, La Salle Chanthaburi, and La Salle Nakhon Sawan rewarded their teachers and administrators with different presents. Students from La Salle Sangklaburi dress in traditional Thai attire and deliver gifts and traditional phan to the Brothers and professors. The pre-postulant candidates also honor their in-house instructors, Br. Joseph Klong FSC and Br. Eugene de Luna FSC, with a special prayer ceremony and flower presentation. (Text: Br. Eugene de Luna FSC; Photos: La Salle Chanthaburi's Official Facebook Page, Br. Raphael from La Salle Sangklaburi, Ms. Rattikarn Sritarapiphat of La Salle Nakhon Sawan, Martin Puri of La Salle Sampran, Br. Matthew of La Salle Bangna)