Lasallian Encounter 2023

LEAD Story 407

26 February - 1 March 2023
La Salle Centre, Ipoh, Malaysia

MALAYSIA - The Lasallian Encounter was held from 26 February to 1 March. The theme this year was 'Embracing Jesus’.

We had 9 boys from 3 schools who participated in this program. They appreciated the focus and attention of having a small group environment provided for them.

The Encounter started with a Mass on 26 February with Rev. Father Robin, a Redemptorist, as the presider. Brothers Collin (from Singapore) & Arian (from the Philippines) facilitated the programme and they shared many insights into the life of the Founder and what it means to live out our Catholic faith. Their stories and input inspired the boys.

There will be a virtual follow-up with the boys on the 19th of May 2023. Thank you Brother Collin and Brother Arian for your time and your presence, and your willingness to accompany these boys. (Text & Photos: Isaac Stephen Anthonysamy)

Experience of the boys:

My experience of the La Salle Encounter was very fun. Not only did I deepen my faith in God but also learned more about my school's Founder who is St. John Baptist De La Salle who didn't give up for the sake of one's future education.

During the camp, I made lots of best friends. Although some might be from Klang and Melaka, we got along quite well. We played football, walked around Ipoh, sang praise and worship, and stayed up late getting to know each other. It was worth it staying up late.

Besides making friends, we got to know two brothers - Brother Arian from the Philippines and Brother Collin from Singapore. The life stories they shared were truly eye-opening for us. Although the sessions were just listening to them, they sometimes told jokes that were really funny and cracked us up.

Last but not least, we got to feed the homeless. It wasn't planned at all but we decided to share the abundance we had with them. I felt sorry and sad looking at their living conditions. Nevertheless, they try to protect and support one another during these trying times. (Steven Cheong)


The La Salle Encounter experience was amazing, fun, and adventurous. I got to meet many friends from different states. We all ended up getting so close in just those 4 days. The talks by Brother Collin and Brother Arian gave me a lot of mind-opening thoughts about ourselves and our Founder, St. De La Salle.

Why I say it was an adventure is because I learned to travel alone for the first time to Ipoh from KL. Honestly, it was a great experience. Probably one of the best camps I've been to in my entire life.

Sadly, the camp has come to an end and I miss every single one of you. This is also the first and the last La Salle Encounter camp I will be attending because I won't be around next year due to my final exams (SPM). I gained a lot of knowledge about my faith from this camp. I thank you all for the experience and fun you've given me. I hope to be a part of other camps with more Lasallians attending. (Christopher)