It’s La Salle Over Roblox For Derek!

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PHILIPPINES - When a lot of 9-year-olds would prefer to have a toy- or character-themed birthday party, Johan Derek Sanson, our young Lasallian from the University of St. La Salle, preferred to celebrate his 9th birthday with a La Salle-themed party!

“Around last year, Derek was already talking to me about celebrating his birthday, and he wanted a Roblox game-themed party, like any 9-year-old kid. A month from his birthday, he opted for a party with only a few friends and teachers instead of a big one. When I asked him about his final theme, in a snap, he answered, ‘My theme is La Salle! Of course, it’s La Salle. I love it!’ He just dropped the idea of a Roblox party because La Salle was way too cool compared to Roblox, hahaha!” Gianne, his Mom, shared.

“As for the costume, we asked everyone to come in green and white. I was joking one night when I asked if he wanted to dress up as St. La Salle himself. Quickly, he said, 'Yes! That’s nice! I can be St. La Salle!’"

“He is used to being teased about becoming a priest or a brother because he has been helping sick children by making artwork.* The idea of being a “Brother” on his birthday was something that came naturally.”

Sharing more about Derek’s experience in school, Gianne shared, “While he has been with the school since he was in the first grade, it was only last January that he finally attended face-to-face classes. He was so so anxious about going to in-person classes. He was crying days before his first day last January. However, coming home that day, he told us how amazing it was to be in school and that it was much better than online classes! Every day, he would have something amusing to share about his day at school. He adjusted quickly, and he is now one confident learner!”

Happy Birthday, our “little brother” Derek! You are truly an inspiration!

*Full Article: 7-year-old student sells artwork to help sick classmate #YesBro #DLSBrothersPH (De La Salle Brothers of the Philippines Official Facebook Page)