Philippines. February 28, 2023, significant events took place in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur with different institutions committed to assisting in the rehabilitation programs for our Maranaw sisters and brothers. This program started 6 years ago and now it comes to its fruition.


This event was made possible through the joint efforts of De La Salle Brothers Inc. Tulong Lasalyano - Education In Emergencies, La Salle Academy together with Holy Infancy Brother’s Community, Rotary Club of Ortigas Center, and Duyog Marawi, who are all committed in providing assistance in the livelihood of the Angoyao Mothers Association for Livelihood (AMAL). AMAL is a group of mothers in Brgy. Paridi who are engaged in sewing as their source of livelihood.


The program started with the signing of the MOU, which symbolizes the commitment of the different institutions to work together towards a common goal. This was followed by a brief refresher course on ergonomic sewing techniques given by Ms. Rosemarie Katipunan from La Salle Green Hills Alternative Education.


After the course, the highlight of the event was the turnover of industrial edging and high-speed sewing machines from Mr. Richard Pineda and Ms. Gloria Cotoco of the Rotary Club Ortigas Center. These machines will help increase the productivity of the Angoyao Mothers Association Livelihood, allowing them to produce more quality products. The turnover of sewing machines highlights the importance of partnerships and collaboration among different institutions in creating a positive impact in the community.


Ms. Evangeline De Peralta of DLSBI-Tulong Lasalyano Education in Emergencies together with Ms. Beverly Saavedra-Widmaier of La Salle Academy Alumni Association also gave a talk about the importance of education and livelihood programs in times of emergency. Ms. Evangeline De Peralta emphasized the role of partnerships and collaboration in creating sustainable solutions for the partner community.


The event was a success, and the officers and members of AMAL expressed their gratitude for the support they received. The partnership of De La Salle Brothers Inc. Tulong Lasalyano - Education In Emergencies, La Salle Academy together with Holy Infancy Brothers’ Community, Rotary Club-Ortigas, and Duyog Marawi proved to be a valuable contribution to the community of Brgy. Paridi, Marawi City, and serves as an inspiration to other institutions and organizations to work together towards the betterment of society.

The team also expresses its sincerest appreciation for the substantial contribution of La Salle Green Hills Adult Night High School through Ms. Rosemarie Katipunan for her valuable technical inputs, and Duyog Marawi for its direct coordination to AMAL as our direct beneficiary represented by Fr. Gary Alvarado, the President and Ms. Apple Maidan, the project coordinator.


The second event occurred at Mindanao State University (MSU) - Marawi Campus for another signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) between De La Salle Brothers Inc. Tulong Lasalyano and the MSU College of Engineering led by its dean Prof. Karla Madrid-Khali. The group was warmly welcomed by Dr. Alma Berowa Vice President for Academic Affairs, representing the MSU System President Atty. Basari Mapupuno. MSU-College of Engineering engaged in this project for no service fee to design in renovating the AMAL Sewing Center. Dr. Alma Berowa shared with everyone that this is the first time and a historical milestone where La Salle and Mindanao State University partnered in this endeavor. Dr. Alma Berow is hoping that there will be more opportunities and avenues for collaboration.


Mindanao State University arranged a visit to the Meranaw Cultural Heritage Center. Prof. Sorhaila L. Latip-Yusoph, Director of the center graciously welcomed the group. She let the group participate in different activities such as the Mamadiang (traditional Meranaw decoration), sipa, and the different ways of wearing the Malong (a traditional Filipino-Bangsamoro rectangular or tube-like wraparound skirt bearing a variety of geometric or okir designs). We all ended up together sharing and eating some of the traditional Meranaw delicacies.


By: Br. Dan Sanding FSC, Ms. Vangie De Peralta, and Ms. Marie Katipunan

Photos by: Ms. Marie Katipunan and Mr. Richard Pineda






We are all going to partake and witness the signing of the memorandum of understanding from the different institutions that we are representing. We are the embodiment of the vision of hope, a hope that gazes beyond the horizon, especially those whose vision has been obscured by hopelessness due to the circumstance that they are in. Let us all dream for them, a dream that is bigger, inclusive, and envisioning.


This MOU doesn’t end with signing the paper rather it is the start of our commitment to one another and that will remind us all of the hopes and desires of a journey towards sustainable development and poverty reduction.


We are all making a covenant in all our undertakings that we are instruments of this new kind of revolution of change. Whether it is called corporate social responsibilities of private companies or catholic social teachings of the church, it is only one thing it gives us – a relationship, to be involved with each other. Besides one thing that binds us all together despite our diverse culture and pluralistic faith, -- it is us, being Filipino.

This collaboration proves and demonstrates that together and by association we can partake, and all can participate in the transformation of our society for the common good.


As I end this let me share this quote from our founder St. La Salle “In the light of faith you see things quite differently.”



Asalaamo Alaikom


(Br. Dan’s shared message response during the MOU signing in MSU-Main)